The sale of Chelsea to the consortium headed by the American billionaire Todd Boehly is completed

The sale of Chelsea to the consortium headed by the American tycoon Todd Boehly and the investment fund Clearlake Capital was completed this Monday, after having received the approval of all the relevant authoritiesThe club reported in a statement.

The consortium thus takes control of the entity that until now was in the hands of the Russian oligarch Roman Abramóvich, sanctioned for his links with the Vladimir Putin regime, for an estimated record 4.25 billion pounds ($5.3 billion).

Under the terms of the acquisition, Boehly – co-owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team – and Clearlake will share equal control and direction of the clubalthough he will be the first to appear as president of the company.

Boehly and Clearlake commit to investing in key areas that will raise Chelsea’s competitiveness, including the development of Stmaford Bridgegreater investment in the academy, the women’s team and the Kingsmeadow stadium ”, underlines the note.

Of the total economic amount of the operation, the new owners promised that 1.75 billion pounds ($2.148 million) will go toward those investments.

In addition to Boehly and Clearlake, the American millionaire Mark Walter, also a co-owner of the Dodgers, and the Swiss tycoon Hansjörg Wyss participate in the consortium.

“We are honored to become the new custodians of Chelsea (…) Together with our commitment to developing the youth academy and acquiring the best talent, our action plan is to invest in the club for the long term and build on Chelsea’s remarkable success story. I personally want to thank ministers and officials in the British Government and the Premier League for helping to make this happen,” Boehly said.

For their part, the founders of Clearlake, Behdad Eghbali and José E. Feliciano, were “delighted” to work with Boehly and the rest of the consortium to “expand the club’s investment in infrastructure, technology and sports science.”

The owners of the investment fund also point out that their objective is “take advantage of growth to promote even more successes on the field”.

With the sale of the club, Chelsea will be able to operate normally again. This will mean that the club store will reopen, players can be bought, sold and renewed, as well as tickets for all matches, whether Premier, FA Cup or Champions.

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