‘The Sandman’: Did Netflix Really Make a Good Comic Book Adaptation?

Netflix on several occasions it is usually a double-edged sword as far as literary adaptations are concerned and ‘The Sandman’ It will not be the exception, because for many the series lacks several elements to take into account.

During the week the production of Neil Gamanhas finally reached Uncle Netflix’s platform with multiple unknowns, including the resolution of its plot.

Being part of the premieres of the month of August for Netflix, the series was promoted as the great event of the season, however, it has not managed to attract the necessary attention.

‘The Sandman’ is now available on Netflix

This production tells the story of the Lord of Dreams, Morpheuswho after being a prisoner of mortals for decades, finally manages to escape and must now resolve the consequences that his absence had on the mortal world and his own kingdom.

“By closing our eyes to sleep, we enter the world of the Sandman, the king of dreams (Tom Sturridge), who shapes all of our deepest fantasies and fears. When Dream is captured and held for a century, his absence triggers events that will forever change the world of dreams and the waking world. To restore order and make amends for the mistakes he has made during his long existence, Dream must travel through various worlds and timelines. In this journey, he meets old friends and enemies, and new cosmic and human beings,” Netflix describes in its synopsis.

This production is already available in the platform catalog and it is now one of the most popular series, so you will have to pay close attention to all the details of its narrative.

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Did Netflix really make a good adaptation of the comic?

Did Netflix really make a good adaptation of the comic?

Perhaps the big difference, and one that has been right to emphasize, is that Netflix did not make the series a carbon copy of the original work, but rather takes certain creative liberties in its plot.

In itself, the story takes the best elements of the written plot, however for some viewers it may lack action or waiting for something to happen.

Finally ‘The Sandman’ with his arrival at Netflix seeks to break the curse on live action adaptations that have gone unnoticed by the entertainment industry.

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