The secrets Costco doesn’t want you to know

It is undeniable to say that Costco is the most popular wholesale store in the United States and many places in the world. It offers all kinds of offers related to frozen food, household and toilet articles, all kinds of perishables, fruits, vegetables, and all kinds of packaged snacks. The truth is It is a store in constant change, offering all kinds of items we love and that fit every season – Costco really has it all.

The truth is that it is a store that has a legion of devoted fans who over time have discovered all kinds of ways to buy in the store to Get the best deals and bulk items. Based on this, we set about compiling some of the most hidden secrets surrounding the operation of one of the most iconic warehouses of all time, the list includes everything from underrated products to little-known buying advice. note!

1. Items are always moving

Has it happened to you that you arrive at the store and you cannot find the items in the same aisle? This is a fairly common situation and it is actually quite intentional. As part of their sales strategy, they tend to place the basic products scattered throughout the store; in such a way that we will have to go through many aisles that have other products on the way, which will lead us a little unconsciously to make more purchases. It’s harder to walk through the door and go straight to the toilet paper if it’s not where it normally is, and the reality is that as we wander down hallways in search, we end up with a ton of extra items.

2. The Costco Shop Card allows non-members to shop

A Costco Shop Card, which is essentially a gift card, is one of the best ways for non-members to shop at a nearby store. So with this card, non-members can pay whatever they want at the store, as well as at Costco gas stations. It’s a secret to attract new customers, since it is also not necessary to register or acquire the annual membership with the cost that it implies. As an observation it is important be careful when making returns on purchases made with a store card as it will be tricky – most stores require returns to be made by a member or a membership.

3. Costco is extremely regional

This is probably one of the most interesting facts that most devoted Costco customers have surely noticed: Costcos selection in one part of the United States is very different from other parts of the country. In a conversation thread headed by Reddit, it was found that depending on the region there are specific and peculiar availabilities. For example: for obvious reasons the Hawaii selection includes surf equipment, while warehouses in the Pacific Northwest have the best selection of blueberries. It is an important fact to take into account, since it is possible that depending on the area you can buy some of the local favorites for much less money.

4. Store coupons are automatic

Probably many of us are not so clear about the point of coupons and the strategy that they handle around them, according to Costco’s records, they usually automatically add the coupons of the current store in each purchase. Therefore, all those discounts we normally see in the coupon book of each month will be included without requesting it when buying the products with said promotions.

5. Sometimes it is possible to find products in the store before the launch date

There are some Costco items that are highly anticipated by certain customers, especially when it comes to new releases of movies, games and toys. The good news is that on many occasions due to the close relationship with suppliers, Costco has certain premises available prior to launch date that run other convenience stores and warehouses. For example: a buyer saw a new Lego set in stores four days earlier, on many occasions online platforms are downloading launch information and may have an early release.

6. One of the most underrated purchases is local gift cards.

One of the main reasons for buying from various users at Costco is bulk food, there are usually all kinds of wonderful deals in local stores. However good advice is don’t miss the gift card section The reason? Each store has a selection of tons of gift cards at a great price, best of all, the offer is extensive and ranging from local theme parks to restaurants, they are special offers for customers with annual membership that can help you save a lot money. So it’s definitely a new area to explore on your next visit to Costco.

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