The sensual dance that Meche Carreño did to Juan Gabriel

Mexico. The singer-songwriter Juan Gabriel who died in August 2016 and the actress Meche Carreño they shared in their youthful years a friendship, also the opportunity to work together on various film and video projects.

A video circulates on YouTube in which the appearance of Meche Carreño is seen with Juan Gabriel in the video to the theme I have come to ask you for forgiveness and in the plot she does a very sensual dance for him.

Meche Carreño, who had her maximum splendor as an actress in the seventies, appeared in several films and Juan Gabriel he summoned her to work with him on the making of the video to the topic mentioned above.

Photo: YouTube screenshot

This video was recorded in the seventies, when Juan Gabriel was already beginning to attract attention as a performer and I have come to ask you for forgiveness was one of his first great musical successes.

Meche Carreño, who at that time lives his youth in its maximum splendor, looks her statuesque figure in a short red dress and becomes a “sensual bomb” when dancing before “El Divo de Juárez”.

But it was not the only project in which Meche participated together with the singer-songwriter of other songs such as Querida.

Juan Gabriel and Meche Carreño also they worked together in the movie El Noa Noa, which had its premiere in 1981 and was written and directed by Gonzalo Martínez Ortega, and after its showing in cinemas in the Mexican Republic, it became one of the most watched by the public.

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Meche Carreño, who is currently 74 years old and is withdrawn from the stage, She is remembered as one of the most beautiful Mexican actresses and who was able to exploit her sensuality in many Mexican cinema films, including The other virginity, No crosses in the sea, Eclipse of love and Boyfriends and lovers, among many more.

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