The She-Hulk series already has its premiere date on Disney Plus

The she hulk series,one of the most anticipated projects of Marvel Studios, will premiere on August 17 this year on the streaming platform Disney Plusthis according to information leaked by the official website of Disney + in the United Kingdom.

As we have told you in AmericanPost.Newsin November 2021 the first trailer for the She-Hulk series was revealed, which will star Tatiana Maslany as Jennifer Walters.

At the moment, no details about the release date had been shared, but according to the information echoed by the Collider medium, it is possible that the new story will arrive in a few months.

What will the She-Hulk series be about?

The series will arrive on the platform in August/Photo: Collider The new program promises to bring great surprises/Photo: AS

In the official synopsis of the series refers to a “comedy”in which Jennifer Walters, a lawyer specialized in cases related to superhumans, in need of an emergency blood transfusion due to health problems, receives the help from his cousin, who is nothing more and nothing less than Bruce Banner (Hulk).

The result? She receives her own powers from her and becomes She-Hulk. During the past Disney + Day 2021, Kevin Feige of Marvel Studios commented that “you never know which Marvel characters will appear from one episode to another.”

In addition, the series will feature two level villains: Tim Roth will play Emil Blonsky (Abomination) as he did in the solo Hulk movie, while Jameela Jamil will play Mary MacPherran, better known as Titania, enemy Walters’ regular in the comics.

How many episodes will She-Hulk have?

The new program promises to bring great surprises/Photo: AS

The Serie It will have 10 episodes of around half an hour.. For now, Disney Plus has not revealed whether August 17 will be the same premiere date for the She-Hulk series in all countries, or just in the UK.

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