The singer announced the death

  • The singer is devastated at the loss of her grandfather
  • Through social networks he released the sad news
  • “How am I going to miss you my old man.”, Said the singer

Tragic news! The singer Becky G, announced through her social networks the loss of a loved one. The young woman informed her followers and fans about the sad death of her grandfather Miguel; The young woman on Instagram, posted a photograph where the man and her are appreciated with a group of Mariachis while they celebrate.


Friends, colleagues and followers have sent their affection and condolences to him, regretting the sad moment that he is going through and wishing him that he can soon find the peace he needs; recently, the singer also suffered a very sad loss when her current partner’s sister passed away.

Grandpa Becky G dies: The sad news

Grandpa Becky G dies: The sad news
Photo: Instagram

Becky G, announced a couple of hours ago about the sad loss of her grandfather, Mr. Miguel. The singer expressed herself through social networks, announcing the sad loss and thanking her grandfather for all the teachings he has had in his life, mentioning that everything he has achieved over the years is for his grandparents.

The 24-year-old did not give more details about the death of her grandfather at the moment, but she did express the latent love she had for him and that she was devastated by his death. A couple of weeks ago, she also went through the loss of a close loved one, as her boyfriend’s sister passed away. Filed Under: Grandpa Becky G Dies

Grandfather Becky G dies: “How much you have inspired me”

Grandfather Becky G dies: "How much you have inspired me"
Photo: Instagram

Through Instagram, the young woman shared with her fans two photographs where she is seen in the company of her grandfather. She announced that her grandfather had recently passed away and who was part of her inspiration around music and who prompted her to sing, something for which she would always be grateful to him.

“How am I going to miss you, my old man. You know how much I love you and how much you have inspired me. ”Becky G wrote in the caption that she shared on Instagram and where she announced the news of the death of Don Miguel, who was from Jalisco, Mexico. And he was one of the people who brought her closer to Mexican music and culture. Filed Under: Grandpa Becky G Dies

Grandfather Becky G dies: “Your spirit is more present than ever”

Grandfather Becky G dies: "Your spirit is more present than ever"
Photo: Instagram

Becky G, had always presented her grandparents as the people she valued the most and who had supported her in music. Whenever she had the opportunity, the singer spent time surrounded by her family and especially with her grandparents. She had shared experiences with them on different occasions and said how proud she was of her origins.

“Although it hurts a chin… that I will never be able to hug you again. I know that God has received you with open arms and that your spirit is more present than ever. Filed Under: Grandpa Becky G Dies

Grandfather Becky G dies: “Thank you for visiting me”

Grandfather Becky G dies: "Thank you for visiting me"
Photo: Instagram

It seems that the singer already sensed the departure of her grandfather. She mentions in her social networks, that she had the opportunity to dream of him and to be able to hug him for the last time, something of which she feels extremely fortunate; Becky related that she had been able to feel and hear it, so she felt extremely at peace with her departure, although of course it does not stop hurting.

“Thank you for visiting me in my dream, I felt you, I heard you, and I agree, Daddy.”, Mentions the 24-year-old, in the image she shared on social networks where several friends have been leaving their condolences and letting him know the affection they have for him; his fans have also shown their support. Filed Under: Grandpa Becky G Dies

Grandpa Becky G dies: She feels blessed

Grandpa Becky G dies: She feels blessed
Photo: Instagram

The young woman commented that she is extremely blessed with life, having had her grandfather close to her. The young woman mentioned that she is grateful for the experiences she was able to form with her grandfather and, above all, with all the memories she keeps of their moments together and of every moment that she was able to enjoy with him.

“Blessed and grateful for all the experiences and memories I have with you.”, Mentioned the singer of Hispanic origin, after the death of her grandfather. The young woman spoke on many occasions about her grandfather Miguel and how he managed to get to the country, risking many things just to be able to give his family a better future. Filed Under: Grandpa Becky G Dies

“Thank you so much for everything you have taught me”

"Thank you so much for everything you have taught me"
Photo: Instagram

Becky G explained that she would always have to thank her grandparents, the person she became and what she has learned over the years. She explained in the letter she shared with her Instagram followers, she will always value the sacrifice her four grandparents made with her family when they arrived in a foreign country, to give her family a good life.

“It is for you, my grandparents, that I am who I am and I thank you a thousand for everything you have taught me and everything you have done and sacrificed for your family.”, Said the actress and singer through her Instagram profile . “I will continue to make you proud.”, Concluded the young woman in the short written in honor of her grandfather.

Support samples

Support samples
Photo: Instagram

In the last hours, the singer has been receiving expressions of affection from different celebrities, friends and followers. Each of them showing her that they are with her in that hard moment and that they send her their love through their comments; her community of fans have also made sure to show their love for the 24-year-old.

“I hug you strong Becky.”, Wrote Carlos Rivera, in the comments of the publication. “B, I send you a hug and my love for your family. Very sorry ! Strength and faith! ”, Mentioned the director of videos, Daniel Duran. “I love you, sister. May God have it in his glory. ”, Chiquis Rivera commented in the image published by Becky G.

Weeks ago he faced the death of his sister-in-law

Sister Sebastian Lletget, boyfriend Becky G, dies
Photo: Instagram

It was through Instagram that one of the best soccer players of the United States soccer team, Sebastian Lletget, who is also the boyfriend of the popular singer Becky G, reported that he was in mourning for the sensitive death of his sister.

It was through his Instagram account where Lletget shared a sad black and white image of his deceased sister Viviana Lletget and him enjoying a pleasant moment they spent as a family when she was alive. I even left an emotional message to say goodbye to her.

Farewell to Viviana

Sister Sebastian Lletget, boyfriend Becky G, dies: "I
Photo: Instagram

There is no greater pain than the loss of a very close loved one, and it was Becky G’s boyfriend who had to suffer for the death of his beloved sister. The player said goodbye to Viviana on his social network profile with an emotional and moving message, where he expresses his feelings.

“The pain we feel as a family has gone beyond what we could imagine. Our sister, Viviana, will be missed forever. I am grateful for everyone’s love and support. I have appreciated the respect for our privacy at this time as we mourn the loss of someone so special to us. I’m so heartbroken, I miss you so much Vivi, “he wrote in his post.

They sent their support

Sister Sebastian Lletget, boyfriend Becky G, dies: They send messages of support
Photo: Instagram

Several netizens reacted to the post of the Los Angeles Galaxy midfielder, who was quite hurt after losing his older sister. Even his teammates from the same club showed their support for the American. Mexicans Jonathan Dos Santos and Efraín Álvarez commented on the publication.

“TI want brother !! we are with you ”, was the message of the youngest of the Dos Santos who currently plays in the same teams as Sebastian Lletget. For her part, his beautiful girlfriend Becky G also left a message for her sister-in-law: “I love you Vivi”, the musical artist wrote along with some heart emojis.

They regretted the news

Sister Sebastian Lletget, boyfriend Becky G, dies: "I have no words for this tragedy"
Photo: Instagram

I’m very sorry to hear about this brother. My thoughts and prayers will be with you and your family ”,“ I have no words for this tragedy Seba, my condolences and my thoughts and prayers are with you and your loved ones ”,“ Oh man. Sending love and prayers to my brother. Sorry for your loss”.

“Thoughts and prayers with you and your family my man”, “Thoughts and prayers for you and your family brother stay strong”, “praying for you and your brother family”, “I am sorry for your loss. I send my love to you and your family during this difficult time ”, were some comments.

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