the singer appears falling in love with her fans

  • Chiquis Rivera appears with only a bow covering her in a tremendous photo
  • Jenni Rivera’s daughter looks like a gift
  • The singer turns on social networks by posing without clothes

Chiquis Rivera bow. As a gift! The controversial singer of band music, Chiquis Rivera is once again on everyone’s lips for her extroverted images where she appears as God brought her into the world. And it is that Jenni Rivera‘s daughter has become a celebrity on social networks.

On this occasion, through an Instagram account created by his fans named Chiquis Rivera Online, he shared a daring image of Lorenzo Méndez’s ex-wife where she shows her anatomy when posing for the camera without clothes and with just a huge bow covering her .

Chiquis hits with a giant bow

Chiquis Rivera bow

The singer managed to turn on social networks with this snapshot where only a piece of cloth protects her body that she boasts at every moment that she can with daring outfits. It is not the first time that Chiquis appears naked in a photo, since she often shares photos of a heart attack.

After her break with the singer Lorenzo Méndez, the controversial daughter of the deceased musical artist, Jenni Rivera has been quite confident in her posts. Chiquis has delighted the pupil of her followers by appearing with tiny and daring outfits that leave everyone with their mouths open.

Chiquis Rivera bow: Show off your curves

Chiquis Rivera bun: Show off your curves

Without any shame, the celebrity shows us how to show off her curves, the confidence that Chiquis Rivera has has caused the number of followers on her Instagram account to increase considerably. It is worth mentioning that the artist looks more spectacular every day.

In the image you can see the singer wearing only a piece of cloth covering her essential parts of her body, exposing her curves showing them how she knows how to do it. The compliments were present from the Internet users who reacted to the post.

Chiquis Rivera bow: I don’t know why you denigrate yourself “

Chiquis Rivera moño: "I don

Although there were several comments where the sighs of the followers were present, there were also those who questioned Chiquis for appearing without any clothes. Some users mentioned that this way of appearing is almost always denigrating.

“You are pretty, I don’t think you need to always be almost naked”, “I don’t know why you denigrate yourself, I don’t think you need it, you have to leave something to the imagination ”,“ Why always promote yourself like that, chiquis? Always naked ”, were some of the comments from her fans on social networks.

Chiquis Rivera bow: “ANDI want to unwrap my gift “

Chiquis Rivera bow: "I already want to unwrap my gift"

With this huge bow that Jenni Rivera’s eldest daughter wears, she has managed to make her fans fall in love, who did not hesitate to send their compliments and compliments, even some of their hormones got upset: “You are the wet dream of us men criticize you but we support you beautifully ”, said a netizen.

Woouw what a beautiful surprise I already want to unwrap my gift ”,“ Super sexy woman when I grow up I want to be like you ”,“ Divine and sensual kisses, beautiful divine blessings, kisses ”,“ Beautiful photo Chiquis ”,“ Beautiful, classy and elegant ”, “Bella my Chiqui but with a heart bigger than this world, take care of yourself and many blessings.”

Chiquis Rivera bow: Jenni Rivera’s daughter appears dancing in a red jumpsuit

Jenni Rivera's daughter appears dancing in a red jumpsuit

A few days ago the famous and controversial singer Chiquis Rivera was once again the victim of mockery on social networks, after a video appeared where she is offering a show on stage and singing the theme “Don’t mess with my Cucu” and showing her body in an outfit that apparently doesn’t suit her at all, according to users.

It was through her Instagram stories that the daughter of the late musical artist, Jenni Rivera, shared a series of images and videos of the concert she gave in Houston, Texas. It is worth mentioning that the singer was proud of the great response she had on her show, despite the contingency.

Chiquis Rivera bow: Teasing victim

Teasing victim

It was on the Instagram account of the Suelta la Sopa program, where they shared the video of Chiquis Rivera dancing and singing on stage in Houston. The artist could be observed how her body moved, revealing her anatomy and provoking criticism in the comments.

It is worth mentioning that Jenni Rivera’s daughter had that wardrobe made that made her be on everyone’s lips, since in one of her photos that she uploaded to her stories you can see how she herself drew the red jumpsuit that she would wear at her concert, but It didn’t turn out as she expected.

The lemon water didn’t work ”

  The lemon water didn

Immediately Internet users were noted in the comments where they let themselves go against the singer with everything for appearing wearing her figure with that outfit that has caused so much controversy: “Bring the tortillas, the carnitas are ready,” said a user.

Kool Aid ”,“ Because they ridicule themselves so much ”,“ The bible says, worse things will be seen ”,“ Nobody messes with his cuckoo, but with his tremendous belly ”,“ And the diet when ?, poor girl, no the lemon water worked “,” Without fear of success, continue to be totally ridiculous, there is never a lack of someone with ridiculous tastes “, were some comments. Filed Under: Chiquis Rivera bun

“Why are they ridiculed so much?”

"Why are they ridiculed so much?"

It looks like a badly packed suitcase and who has told her that she sings an imitator is what she is “,” Even if the monkey dresses in cute silk, she stays “,” I admire the courage of this woman, she is not afraid of criticism even her person ” , “And the lemons?”, “Please you have to locate yourself in life.”

“Sgained more weight and the lemon water that happened? “,” Why are they ridiculed so much? “,” That tropical body can no longer hold a lipo but no “,” You don’t even know what the hell she’s singing “,” Another pound of bacon ”,“ Sorry but I don’t like it, it’s a ton of red ”,“ Nothing to do with your mom ”, they continued with the teasing. YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO HERE. Filed Under: Chiquis Rivera bun

The singer wiggles without caring about anything

Chiquis Rivera placeholder image
Instagram: El Gordo y la Flaca

Previously, in a video reproduced by the Instagram account of ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’, you can see how Lorenzo Méndez’s ex is presumed dancing and causing a sensation with the curves that God gave to the rhythm of Marc Anthony’s song ‘ Live my life ‘, while people made fun of it in certain parts.

Although many were shocked by her beauty without makeup after being pointed out for the surgeries that she allegedly performed, the truth is that Chiquis Rivera looks flawless and regal and ‘proves’ to the detractors that she continues without caring what others say . Filed Under: Chiquis Rivera bun

Hips and leggings, the controversial combination

Shake your hips

“Why cry? … you forget … to live … I’m going to laugh”, you can hear Chiquis Rivera say while very sexy dances animatedly from his kitchen, demonstrating that contrary to what his ex Lorenzo Méndez said a few days ago that no okay and called him drunk, she’s enjoying her prime.

Unlike her previous video where she was on a trip and put on knitted pants revealing her sensual bikini and shaking her hips to the rhythm of ‘Don’t mess with my cucu’, Chiquis Rivera got in tune to impress with her skills as a dancer ‘Selena’ style with twists and turns and shaking her body. Filed Under: Chiquis Rivera bun

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