the singer breaks the silence

  • Noelia confirms that she will sue Univisión
  • In social networks send a message to the television network for alleged bullying
  • “No more bullying from the television media,” said a netizen

Noelia sues Univision. After the scandal that occurred in previous days, the exotic singer Noelia and the host of El Gordo y la Flaca, Tanya Charry, entered, where she was harshly criticized in an image that the Puerto Rican artist shared on her social networks, but immediately suffered the consequences .

Through her Instagram account, the also model, Noelia decided to share a video where she breaks the silence and shows her annoyance with the media, more specifically Univisión and ensures that she is already taking action on the matter to file a lawsuit against the television network .

Noelia reacts to bullying report

Noelia sues Univision

The controversy began when they reported the photo that the singer had shared on social networks attacking, Tanya Charry, assures that it was the same program of the host, who reported the image for alleged bullying. Faced with this situation, the Puerto Rican reacts furiously.

“As always… You know who they like to do, but they don’t like their truths… From all the accounts of the Program of those two Harmful Individuals who call themselves a show business They reported a photo of me and a Statement of Truth. That was reported as Bullyng, “he wrote in his post.

Noelia demands Univisión: “This is going to have consequences”

Noelia sues Univision: "This is going to have consequences"

This situation caused the annoyance of the Puerto Rican Noelia, and she affirms that there will be consequences, since she had previously said that she was an object of ridicule for television networks and that no one did anything to help her. In her post, she threatened the person responsible for crossing her out as a person who does bullying.

“But for more than a decade those cowards from that Program bullied me with the Intimate Video and what is it called then? This is going to have consequences and we are going to go to the North American press and the FCC ”, he concluded in his publication.

Noelia sues Univisión: She was teased

Noelia sues Univision: She was teased

In one of her most recent videos, the exotic singer appears reading a statement that she made where it is clear that she will apply a lawsuit against the Hispanic television network, for treating her as an object of ridicule and accusing her of bullying one of the conductive.

“I was systematically mocked and bullied by some members of the supposed most important Hispanic television network. On repeated occasions during all these years it was like a slogan to be making fun of me and using the rogue of the intimate video that they cowardly leaked ”, he began by saying.

Noelia sues Univision: Will proceed to lawsuit against Univision

Noelia sues Univision: Will proceed to lawsuit against Univision

In the clip, the musical artist breaks the silence against the television show: “Everything that revolves around that issue has been used to bother me, to denigrate and devalue me in any professional opportunity that I was undertaking,” he said.

“I am not the same as before, I am not the same person who was silenced and kept quiet without resources to defend herself. This will be a crusade for justice, now as the businesswoman that I am, I have instructed my legal team to take all the legal and economic measures that are necessary, to set a precedent in the courts ”, he concluded. TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE

Noelia demands Univision: “Enough bullying to generate rating “

Noelia sues Univision: "Enough bullying to generate rating"

Internet users immediately came out in defense of the exotic artist and sent their messages of support: “Good ,, demand to Univision, Telemundo and the others “,”Enough bullying to generate rating ”,“ Linda, don’t take your sleep away, we will always be by your side, we are more than we are by your side ”.

“No more bullying from the television media, artists are also human beings who feel, nothing and no one is untouchable! JUSTICE”, “it was about time so many years mocking you ”,“ I hope they don’t take this video away from you, apparently what bothers them is censored ”, were some comments.

Noelia sues Univisión: She tells Tanya Charry that she is “unfair” and that she is “disgusted”

He tells Tanya Charry what it is "a disloyal" and what gives "disgust"
Instagram photo Noelia

Previously, through her official Instagram account, Noelia left her fans open-mouthed with the message she dedicated to Tanya, who recently joined her life with Sebastián Jiménez’s, and more if the image with which she is taken into account decided to accompany this text.

“People who drink my wine, eat at my table, celebrate their day as royalty, and ‘fly’ on my yacht, and then commune and magnify my enemies, they are not my friends … Pendej … I am not and less the one who sleeps with me and disloyalty have royalties, “said the singer who recently accused Karol G of disrespecting Mexican music for his presentation at Premios Juventud.

“Karma will come faster than later”

"Karma will come faster than later"
Instagram photo Noelia

To end with her message against Tanya Charry, host of El Gordo y La Flaca, who so far has not made any comment on her social networks, Noelia shared two hashtags: “Trash” and “Karma.” What will have happened? What generated controversy in social networks.

Immediately, his followers reacted to this publication: “You calm down, karma will come faster than later”, “Oh my God, how bad, so are some”, “So there are people, although it is very strong to do it in networks. Without a doubt, ‘karma’ comes to abusive people ”,“ Those are called opportunists. If he did it with you, he will continue to do it with those who let themselves be and believe him, they don’t mind trampling on others ”. File as: Noelia sues Univision

They support the exotic singer

They support the exotic singer
Instagram photo Noelia

Although she did not go into details of what Tanya Charry had done to her, the singer Noelia, who surprised everyone by launching herself as an “erotic model”, received many signs of support from her followers: “Applause for what you told her. That’s the most there is in this world, they take advantage of it to attack ”.

“Ungrateful people are regularly also very lively and they are always looking for victims…! Do not trust the fake smiles “,” People so pumpkin !!! And he still had a few glasses of Petrus! ” File as: Noelia sues Univision

They claim that he was angry with Tanya Charry because he did not invite her to his wedding

They claim that he was angry with Tanya Charry because he did not invite her to his wedding
Photo Instagram Tanya Charry

In the Escándalo Instagram account, this “lawsuit” between Noelia and Tanya Charry was also taken up, where some users say that the singer and erotic model had been angry because the journalist did not invite her to her wedding with Sebastián Jiménez.

“Your enemies apply here, they are your enemies, not mine, why do people always want you to hate those they hate?” They invited her to the wedding ”,“ She wanted to imply that they were friends and that they are no longer! ”, you can read in more comments. File as: Noelia sues Univision

He also accuses Karol G of disrespecting Mexican music

He also accuses Karol G of disrespecting Mexican music
Instagram photo Noelia

“She does not have a career in Mexico, nor has she been consecrated in Mexico to do something like that”: The singer Noelia attacks Karol G and disqualifies the presentation of the Colombian at the Premios Juventud, where she performed her song called 200 glasses al side of a mariachi, and assures that he completely messed up Mexican culture.

Karol G has established herself as one of the greatest artists of recent times, as demonstrated by her multiple awards and presentations at important music ceremonies, such as the time she appeared at the past Grammys, performing several of her hits. . File as: Noelia sues Univision

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