the singer told what she suffered with el Gordo

  • Cristina Eustace suffered an ‘uncomfortable’ moment with Raúl de Molina
  • The singer reveals that the ‘Gordo’ did something unseemly to her when she was pregnant
  • “They two are detestable,” said the singer in La Casa de los Famosos

Cristina Eustace Raúl de Molina. The end of the most popular reality show on Telemundo, La Casa de los Famosos is very close, and the finalist contestants are already getting ready to find out who will be the big winner of this contest. The finals are Cristina Eustace, Alicia Machado who is the favorite to win, Pablo Montero and Manelyk González.

During this stay at the Casa de los Famosos, the Mexican singer gave something to talk about when, in a talk with Alicia Machado, she revealed something that shocked everyone. It was through the Instagram account of Chica Picosaa where in a shared video Cristina appears saying Raúl de Molina did something indecent to her when she was pregnant.

Cristina Eustace attacks Raúl de Molina


It should be remembered that during the reality show, the participants are recorded 24 hours a day, and secrets are not possible while they are still inside the house. The broadcasts of all the talks between celebrities can be seen and heard by viewers and users on social networks.

Cristina Eustace is a Mexican singer who had a relationship with former baseball player Esteban Loaiza, ex-husband of the late singer Jenni Rivera. On this occasion, she spoke about how Molina’s ‘Gordo’ harassed her when she was pregnant, precisely she was expecting a baby from the former baseball player.

Cristina Eustace and her companions attack Raúl de Molina’s program

Cristina Eustace and her companions attack Raúl de Molina's program

Within Telemundo’s “La Casa de los Famosos”, Pablo Montero and Alicia Machado attacked Raúl de Molina and Lili Estefan, hosts of the talk show El Gordo y la Flaca. It was at that moment that everyone took advantage of the moment to express their feelings about the drivers.

“For me, ‘El gordo y la flaca’ should pay me royalties for the years that I gave them content and there was no one to speak of, of course because the others demanded, I did not. And they still have the nerve to tell you ‘We are friends’, “said former beauty queen Alicia Machado in her talk with her peers.

“The two of them are detestable,” said Cristina Eustace about Raúl de Molina


It was when Cristina Eustace threw herself against Raúl de Molina, “That goat…”, she whispered to her colleagues on the reality show and added: “If I told you what that bastard did to me, right? In other words, I was pregnant, I was pregnant and the we… did not care ”, said the singer in her talk with Alicia Machado.

“He did not care and I like I was an asshole, that is, no. But; both of them are detestable ”, replied his partner, the former Miss Universe and a great favorite to win the Casa de los Famosos show. The Mexican did not give more details about what the driver of Gordo y la Flaca did to her, but one of her fans revealed something.

They tell what happened between Cristina Eustace and Raúl de Molina

They tell what happened between Cristina Eustace and Raúl de Molina

Internet users immediately reacted to the post where they lashed out at Raúl de Molina, there were even those who said they knew what had happened when Cristina was pregnant: “I know what they did to her, it’s not better for people to criticize her for being with her husband from Jenny, ”said the user.

“Then they invited her to some very important awards and she was nominated. It was when she got to be interviewed on the red carpet, they did not peel her off and began to ask her husband, Jenny’s ex, Esteban Loayza, about Jenny and her children and the lawsuits and gossip. When the interview ended, she supposedly created a scandal, “he added. TO WATCH THE VIDEO CLICK HERE.

They report the arrest of Enrique Albis, former producer of El Gordo y la Flaca

Arrest Enrique Albis, El Gordo and La Flaca
PHOTO Twitter

Another of the most recent scandals the show had was when the former producer was arrested for sexual assault. The arrest of Enrique Albis, the former producer of the gossip program of the Univisión network, came after a series of accusations against him were uncovered.

The Miami Herald uncovered the Enrique Albis scandal before his arrest. The former producer of the popular Hispanic program “El Gordo y la Flaca”, “discreetly” faced the charges against him denounced by three women who wanted to appear on the program, according to the aforementioned media.

‘He will pay dearly for his sins’

Arrest Enrique Albis, El Gordo and La Flaca
PHOTO Screenshot El Gordo y la Flaca

It was the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office that brought the most serious charges in two of the three cases against him. The Miami Herald tried to obtain comments from the former producer of “El Gordo y La Flaca”, but they did not succeed.

Sexual assault, false imprisonment, sudden robbery and various misdemeanors for assault are those faced by the controversial former member of El Gordo and La Flaca ”. The scandal began when the program “Gossip No Like” began to issue serious accusations, reports the Miami Herald. Filed Under: Cristina Eustace Raúl de Molina

Enrique Albis and his ‘tricks’

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The former producer of one of Univisión’s most popular shows was accused by a group of women who were allegedly lured, thanks to Enrique Albis’s position, for ‘auditions’ where he tried to touch them, according to the Miami Herald.

After this, the Univisión program decided to end its working relationship with Enrique Albis, but the problems did not end there. The above, because a video was leaked on the networks where you can see several women who claim they were harassed by the former producer of ‘El Gordo y La Flaca’. Filed Under: Cristina Eustace Raúl de Molina

Former producer allegedly ‘abused’ his position on the show

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The video was published on the account of journalist Javier Ceriani, and in it several women can be seen going to the police station to file a complaint against the alleged harasser. “We are making a legal proceeding against the former producer of ‘El Gordo y la Flaca'”, said a woman when leaving the station, while another clarified the crime: “For sexual harassment of our person.”

He also pointed out that so far, there are almost 10 women who were allegedly victims of Enrique Albis: “For now we are 9”, and when asked if all the girls would testify, they responded bluntly: “All.” Filed Under: Cristina Eustace Raúl de Molina

They ‘doubted’ the accusations against the former producer

Arrest Enrique Albis, El Gordo and La Flaca
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Likewise, the women who were interviewed outside the station assured: “We are still waiting for many of them to go on the air.” The video sparked a strong controversy. At first, there were those who showed their support for women: “Better late than never”, “Courage, do not give up, we are with you”, “I am against the abuse of power by these businessmen”, “Frustrating that the most greats of the Hispanic world in the USA do not give importance to this very serious case ”, it could be read.

However, others had some doubts: “I don’t understand why until today? Why not at the time? I do not understand it “,” Hello they have pints of something else and not of harassed they will be that they are escort service now they want to take advantage after so many times “,” After the scare because they wait so long and go to the police, “they added. Filed Under: Cristina Eustace Raúl de Molina

Aggression in the dressing room

Arrest Enrique Albis, El Gordo and La Flaca
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According to the Miami Herald, the women stated that Enrique Albis insisted on wearing an extremely tight suit as part of the audition. Also, they said he groped them. One of the women even claimed that she masturbated in front of her twice.

One of the cases occurred in a dressing room of the Hispanic chain in 2020, according to the aforementioned media. Authorities said he tried to force her to perform oral sex on him, as well as touch his member and masturbate in front of her. Filed Under: Cristina Eustace Raúl de Molina

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