“The skin hung from his buttocks”: 12-year-old boy dies as a result of the brutal blows he received from his father and stepmother

Derrick Coles and Kapri Cheaton have been arrested in the death of a 12-year-old boy in San Antonio.

Photo: SAN ANTONIO POLICE / Getty Images

The death of Danilo Coles has shaken the inhabitants of San Antonio,Texas, for the way in which the 12-year-old boy lost his life, above all, for the multiple punishments and physical violence he experienced alongside his father and stepmother.

According to a sworn declarationthe father, Derrick Coles, 32, and the stepmother, Kapri Cheaton, 27, called the emergency room on Sunday night assuring that the minor had fallen into the shower and was unconscious in an apartment located at 700 Wurzbach, al northeast of the city.

However, the doctors who treated the minor indicated that the injuries that Danilo Coles presented did not coincide with a fall in the shower and they disclosed the multiple injuries that the minor had: opening in the eyebrow, whip marks on the torso and legs, rectal bleeding, internal bleeding in the stomach and added that the skin of the buttocks was hanging.

In the same statement, the father and stepmother indicated that the minor was constantly punished for “disrespectful” and that the split lip she had was the result of a hard slap he gave her.

Derrick Coles and Kapri Cheaton not only beat the minor, but also lor forced to do push-ups and carry boxes of approximately 50 pounds for at least four hours.

It is believed that the minor suffered brain death as a result of the beating by his father and stepmother.

After the minor’s death, Danilo Coles’ biological mother told News 4 SA that your son was sent to a relative in Chicago to treat mental health issues that he presented and ignored that his son was in San Antonio next to his father and his partner.

“My son is gone. I’m devastated. My baby didn’t deserve any of that. I am glad that my baby no longer has to suffer or be beaten for no reason. He didn’t deserve that. That man didn’t have to take my son. I know that God, the Most High will take revengeClemons said.

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