The star of the telenovela Pasión de Gavilanes, Mario Cimarro, is still just as handsome and this photo of his “chocolatitos” proves it

One of the TV soaps most successful of all time, Passion of Hawks, will return very soon to our lives with most of the original cast to take up the story of the Reyes brothers and the Elizondo sisters. The big question that many fans have been asking since the sequel was confirmed is what has become of its protagonists and how they have changed in the almost two decades that have passed since we said goodbye to them. For example, the heartthrob of Mario Cimarro is still the same and even more handsome at 50, he even keeps those “chocolatitos” that melt his fans so much.

Above all Juan Reyes’ abs, who is played by Mario Cimarro, continues to exude to this day the same appeal that made him one of the great favorites of the audience. Fortunately, their chocolates are still intact.

Coincidentally, the actor Mario cimarro has decided to share a selfie right after it was announced that he will reprise his old role with which he comes to show that, at 50 years, He continues to sport a physique that will allow him to perform as many shirtless scenes as he wants to expose his steel abdomen. In addition, he also retains the tousled half hair that was his great hallmark along with his iconic wide-brimmed hat.

The gallant of Passion of Hawks he has photographed himself in front of the mirror with a naked torso and pants down beyond the line of decent. As if that were not enough to revolutionize his followers, he has also added his pet to the composition: a gray cat that poses perched on his shoulder in the most adorable way possible. It is obvious that he is more than ready to break hearts again.

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