The Star Wars series “Andor” with Diego Luna is also a political thriller

diego moon returns to act in the universe of starwars. He is the new protagonist of the series which he himself is producing. This is “Andor” and the protagonist will move between politics and espionage.

As we told you before in American Post Newsis his return to the famous galactic saga, since he acted in “Rogue One”, an alternate history in Star Wars and that was released six years ago.

Now, in this series, the actor reveals that “Andor” is not only an action and adventure series, it also delves into other genres:

“It’s a more political and espionage ‘thriller’,” says Diego Luna.

We will see the origin of the revolutionary Cassian Andor

Diego Luna in “Andor” the new Star Wars series. Diego Luna in “And your mom too”.

As you may remember from “Rogue One”, diego moon gave life to Cassian Andor who is part of the Rebel Alliance and planned the robbery of the Star of death as a great blow against the Empire.

Now, in the series “Andor” they will show us how this character decides to join the “Rebels”. diego moon gave everything to show the true philosophy of Cassian and studied real people he admires who gave their all to change the reality of their world:

I have taken elements of people that I admire, not even important historical figures -he detailed-. If not from people who know they are capable of having an impact, changing a reality… perhaps the referents have more to do with the current reality” explains the actor.

The series is expected to contain two seasons, for now, the first will have a total of 12 chapters. Also, the series will have a beginning and an end so it follows the format of a movie.

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How did Diego Luna become famous?

Diego Luna in “And your mom too”.

The talented actor Diego Luna rose to fame in the cinema, since he participated in one of the director’s films Alfonso Cuaron. This is the film called “Y tu madre tú” released in 2001. He is also recognized as one of “Los Charolastras” together with Gael García.

Later he worked with steven spielberg in “La Terminal” in 2004, which starred Tom Hanks that catapulted him to fame in the United States.

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