The story of Lili Melgar and Gerard Piqué unfolds in Shakira’s controversial new hit “El Jefe”

Shakira addresses labor issues and delves into personal controversies with Gerard Piqué in her latest track with Fuerza Regida.

Colombian sensation Shakira surprised millions of fans by releasing her new song “El Jefe” in collaboration with the Mexican group Fuerza Regida. While musically captivating, the song has become a point of discussion due to its powerful and controversial lyrics. Lili Melgar, a name prominently featured in the song and speculated to be Shakira’s former nanny, has become central to the narrative, with allegations of mistreatment at the hands of Shakira’s ex-partner, Gerard Piqué.

The track touches on labor rights and the daily challenges countless individuals face in their quest for dignified employment. In a society where many are exploited, Shakira doesn’t hesitate to spotlight inequalities, power abuse, and wage discrepancies in the workplace. One of the stanzas captures this sentiment:



“Otro día de mierda

Otro día en la oficina

Tengo un jefe de mierda que no me paga bien

Yo llego caminando y él en Mercedes Benz

Me tiene de recluta

El muy hijo de puta, yeah”.


“Another shitty day

Another day at the office

I have a shitty boss who doesn’t pay me well

I arrive on foot, and he in a Mercedes Benz

He treats me like a recruit

That damn son of a bitch, yeah”.

This explicit language departs from Shakira’s usual lyrical style and public demeanor. Nevertheless, fans and internet sleuths have pieced together a narrative that explains the song’s strong message.

The Lili Melgar connection

Towards the end of the song, Shakira dedicates a line to someone named Lili Melgar: “Lili Melgar, para ti esta canción, que no te pagaron la indemnización”. This dedication, coupled with a visual of a woman believed to be Lili Melgar in the music video, has set off a whirlwind of speculations and theories on social media platforms.

Many believe that Lili Melgar was once the nanny of Milan and Sasha, Shakira’s children, with former partner Gerard Piqué. According to these theories, Melgar was pivotal in informing Shakira about Piqué’s affairs, most notably with Clara Chía during her absence. This revelation led to Piqué allegedly firing Melgar without providing her due compensation.

To further bolster this theory, various social media users have shared past photographs of a woman resembling the one in the video, speculating that she is Lili Melgar.

Repercussions and reactions

The song’s implications have brought attention to Shakira’s personal life and raised broader discussions about workplace injustices. Piqué’s alleged refusal to pay Melgar her severance has sparked outrage among Shakira’s fan base, turning him into a trending topic on the social media platform formerly known as Twitter.

“Why didn’t that son of a b***h @3gerardpique pay the severance to Lili Melgar, the kids’ former nanny? We continue to be amazed by the extent of the rat. A RAT IS A RAT! #ElJefe PAY UP #Shakira #Pique”; “That disgraceful Piqué didn’t pay the severance to Lili Melgar, the kids’ nanny, because she was the one who opened Shakira’s eyes to his infidelity when she was traveling. Man isn’t decent! #ElJefe”.

While the true nature of the song’s inspiration remains a blend of fact and speculation, what’s undeniable is Shakira’s commitment to using her platform to shed light on pressing issues and personal experiences. “El Jefe” is a testament to the singer’s evolving artistry and advocacy.