The strange restrictions for tourists at the 2022 Qatar World Cup

Qatar will apply a “zero tolerance” policy to visitors at the World Cup – Photo: MUSTAFA ABUMUNES/AFP/Getty Images.

We are a few weeks away from the start of one of the most anticipated sporting events on the entire planet, especially for those who are soccer lovers: the World Cup in Qatar 2022.

Undoubtedly, the World Cup in Qatar is already somewhat atypical since, historically, this tournament was held in the summer. Due to weather issues, it has been decided to take place in the fall for the convenience of the players and the thousands of tourists who will gather to support their respective teams.

Nevertheless, it should be taken into account that the World Cup will be played in a country that, being non-Western, has some restrictions, both for its inhabitants and visitors, that we could consider somewhat exceptional.

If you already have your suitcase ready because you will be one of those privileged people who will live the great experience of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, perhaps it is a good idea for you to know some things that are forbidden to do in this country to avoid getting in trouble with the law, which would imply paying hefty fines and even going to jail.

The curious restrictions for visitors at the Qatar 2022 World Cup

1) No sex

Nasser Al-Khater, the World Cup Organizing Committee president, assured that people who have sexual relations outside of marriage would be penalized since it is considered a crime.

This rule will apply to tourists and the members of the 32 teams that will compete in this edition.

2) Displays of affection in public are prohibited

Similarly, Al-Khater said that displays of affection in public are prohibited even if there is a marriage bond between the couple.

3) No display of homosexuality

Demonstrations by the LGBT+ community are also not allowed. The truth is that Qatar does not prohibit entry to its country for those who belong to the community.

4) No street parties

Local authorities have reported that during the Qatar 2022 World Cup, a “zero tolerance” policy will be applied if people are seen drinking in public spaces or while driving. If someone incurs this fault, they could be subject to a fine of $800.

5) Special dress code

To access any place, it will be necessary for any person to cover their shoulders and knees. In the case of women, they are prohibited from wearing clothing that reveals something other than their faces, such as short dresses, Bermuda shorts, shorts, or cleavage shirts, to name a few.

6) Economic fines for littering

Littering on public roads will be fined the equivalent of $2,500.

7) No religious books or pornography

Tourists attending the Qatar 2022 World Cup will not be able to enter the country with religious books or pornography. If any are found, the corresponding authorities will proceed to confiscate them.

8) Forbidden to take photos of others

You can’t take pictures of other people. Depending on the situation, a fine or up to hours of arrest could be imposed.