The surgeries performed by Mariana González, Vicente Fernández Jr.’s girlfriend

The model and influencer Mariana González, in addition to being the girlfriend of Vicente Fernandez Jr. She is also considered one of the most beautiful women in Mexico. At 38 years old, the woman born in Morelos (Jalisco) is also known as “Mexican Kim Karsashian” due to her statuesque figure, long hair and fine clothing.

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Next to Vicente Fernandez Jr., the model and businesswoman Mariana gonzalez He has managed to have a quiet life which is reflected in the social networks of both where they publish photographs of their activities and walks around the world.

The couple Vicente Fernandez Jr. Y Mariana gonzalez It is one of the most famous in the artistic environment of Mexico. However, what has attracted a lot of attention from the followers of the model is the revelation she made regarding the operations that have been carried out on her body.

Mariana González with her boyfriend Vicente Fernández Jr. (Photo: Mariana González / Instagram)


Mariana gonzalezBesides being a model and influencer, she is considered a very sincere person. This was demonstrated in his account of Instagram from where he made a live broadcast at the beginning of January 2022 and revealed some details little known to netizens.

From that digital platform, Mariana gonzalez, answered the questions of his followers who connected to “live.” Some of the questions were related to his body and if any cosmetic retouching had been done.

Mariana González really enjoys traveling.  (Mariana González / Instagram)

Mariana González really enjoys traveling. (Mariana González / Instagram)

My body, I have said before, is manufactured. I have many surgeries; for all the girls who want to do something because I support them and pass them information (…) “The important thing is to be a beautiful person, because this can be done by me, you, anyone, so kisses”, Indicated according to Univisión.

One of the netizens also referred to the model’s buttocks, so Mariana Gonzalez He did not hesitate to openly answer that question.

No, my buttocks are made of fat, that is, I did the liposculpture where they take out the excess fat and put it on your buttocks and well, that’s why they give that effect. They are very well, very stopped but that was thanks to the fact that I got a good surgeon“, Held.

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Another detail that caught the attention of the followers on Instagram of Mariana gonzalez It was when she revealed that she has a lot of hair in human hair extensions which could cost up to 3600 Mexican pesos, according to Infobae.

I have 400 grams of hair, so it looks very thick and pretty. The truth is that I have my hair very small and a little because I am very bald”, He specified.