The surprising contract that led Gerard Piqué to be the highest paid defender, according to ‘El Mundo’

Photo: Alex Caparros/Getty Images

After having uncovered a pot about the supposed demands of Leo Messi to Barcelona to renew in 2020, the newspaper ‘El Mundo’ has pointed to Gerard Piqué and the alleged contract that led him to be the highest paid central defender in the world since 2018.

According to said medium, Piqué signed in 2018, under the presidency of Josep María Bartomeu, a five-year contract renewal in exchange for 142 million euros gross ($140 million at the time this note is written), however, said contract was modified when the player agreed to lower his salary due to the effects of the pandemic.

The intention of the Catalan center-back at that time was to charge more than Sergio Ramos, who was paid $12.2 million dollars after taxes with Real Madrid. Piqué achieved his goal since he began to collect $14.7 million per year.

Likewise, ‘El Mundo’ revealed how the divisions of the payments to the player were made, according to section four of that contract, the now captain of Barcelona would receive $13.3 million dollars gross as a fixed annual salary plus a percentage for image rights, close to $2.3 million dollars. To that were also added some bonuses for objectives achieved.

In turn, point 4.1.9 indicated that: “In addition to the amounts indicated above, the player will receive a special prize of 15,446,036 euros ($15,158,276 dollars) that will be demandable in 50%, that is, 7,723,018 euros ($7,579,138 dollars), on June 30, 2018, and the other 50% on June 30, 2019″.

Also, there was “an extraordinary bonus of 7,414,186 euros ($7,276,059 dollars)” and a loyalty bonus. Adding up all the amounts, the total is 142 million euros ($140 million), resulting in 28.4 million euros ($27.8 million) for each of the five years of the contract.

Due to the pandemic and Barcelona’s economic problems, Piqué agreed, like other players, to renegotiate and defer the amounts. According to the documentation to which ‘El Mundo’ has had access, these amounts “they were 18 million euros gross ($17.6 million) in the 2020-21 campaign, 27.7 million euros ($27 million) in 2021-2229.5 million euros ($28.9 million dollars) in 2022-23 and 40.8 million euros ($40 million dollars) in the last one”.

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