The surprising gift that a young man gave his in-laws when he met them that went viral

A formal meal to meet your partner’s family it can be the trigger for a cataract of nerves and insecurities. Although everyone prepares to have a good time and make the guest enjoy a good time, it is still a stressful situation.

The most common in these presentations is to bring a gift to the couple’s parents, that is, to future in-laws. But what? It could well be a dessert, a bottle of wine or something for the house. The truth is that there are no rules in this regard and that any care is probably a good choice. However, sometimes, you have to measure your enthusiasm and not get carried away by the nerves of the moment. Is what happened to him to a Mexican boyfriend who came to the house of his girlfriend’s parents with a huge tangerine tree.

The story was told by her through Twitter. Under the user @florenotomi_, the girl wrote: “Yesterday my boyfriend came to my house to meet my family and asked me what he could bring as a gift. I told him what I wanted. He brought a tangerine tree ”. And he posted the tweet along with the image of the plant.

The tweet went viral in minutes. So far, it has reached almost 300,000 “likes” and more than eleven thousand retweets. The comments were not long in coming. Most complimented the couple’s original gift and others graciously commented: “Smart man. Sow for the future ”. The women referred to the luck of having a boyfriend like that: “Good morning friend first of all, we all want a tutorial on how to get you a boyfriend who gives you plants, thank you.”

Next, the young woman published the boyfriend’s reaction to the success of the tweet.

Although the user did not comment on her parents’ reaction, most Twitter users considered that the gift would have been well received because, according to another user: “there is no greater joy than having a mandarin tree in the garden to enjoy the fruit all year round ”.

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