The terrifying video that shows a Tesla detecting people inside an empty cemetery

Although the Tesla car warned of the presence of a pedestrian, there was no one in the cemetery – Photo: Roberto Nickson/Pexels

Those who fervently believe in eternal life are convinced that, when we die, what dies is our body, but our soul or spirit will live in perpepuity, in a much better place than this earthly world.

However, there are also those who claim that those people who have suffered a traumatic death, their souls will hardly reach “the light” and therefore, they continue to suffer in this plane of the living, which causes some to experience what we call paranormal acts.

Thus, one of the places where we can experience strange things or simply feel a different vibe is a cemetery, precisely because of the very nature of the place, where the dead are buried so that they can enjoy “eternal rest”.

On TikTok, a clip uploaded to the platform by a user named Edgar Osornia (@iam3edgsar) has gone viral, and given viewers goosebumps. Well, with the technology that a Tesla car possesses, it would have captured a ghost inside a cemetery.

It turns out that Edgar was driving a Tesla inside a holy field when suddenly, the vehicle signaled to him that it had detected a pedestrian nearby; however, looking around, there was no one.

The signal of the present pedestrian was sent by the Tesla, placing it on the right hand side and walking in different directions, it was sent repeatedly although the camera shows that only the solitary graves can be seen.

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The video has gone viral and so far, it’s unclear why the Tesla’s people presence icon is constantly flashing.

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