The things that are forbidden to write on WhatsApp and for which they could cancel your account

WhatsApp developers are constantly making changes to the app with the intention of always ensure the safety of its users, among them receiving messages from acquaintances or strangers that promote feelings of hatred or discrimination.

It is because of that it was determined to censor or ban certain words in conversations and what isIf used, they could cause your account to be terminated or blocked Definitively.

Nobody doubts the usefulness that WhatsApp offers to be able to communicate, in real time, with people who may be in different parts of the world; but like everything, it also has its drawbacks, since users can be exposed to somewhat dangerous situations that can leave them vulnerable.

For this reason, this app, like others, has terms and conditions that must be respected to guarantee the continuity of the service. That is, in the case of omitting them, WhatsApp could choose to suspend an account or permanently deactivate it.

Precisely, one of those restrictions points to the issue of words that are or are not allowed to be written in the chats and it is possible that due to ignorance or error, you violate the rule and therefore, you are not allowed to use the app anymore.

The words that WhatsApp does not allow you to write

With the intention of avoiding problems of harassment, discrimination or any other type of violence among its users, WhatsApp included new rules of use, so sending texts that include words related to pornography, pedophilia or derived terms is not allowed.

Similarly, it is forbidden send threatening, defamatory, obscene, harassing and hate speech.

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