The Tigres del Norte assure that they will continue to be spokespersons for the people

Assuming the role of “spokesperson for the people”, Los Tigres del Norte remain committed to making the problems of Mexicans visible in order to contribute to change. And to continue on that path, the Chiefs of Chiefs reaffirmed their commitment to their public to continue giving voice to those who do not have one to speak out about any violation of their rights.

The commitment continues

“We have always sung what the people cannot say to a politician or an influential person,” his bajist Hernan Hernandez. The musician said that for a couple of years ago they began to sing and tell stories about migrants who for different reasons have to leave their countries of originin search of a better life for their families, they have become their spokespersons, to question the actions of the authorities.

For many years that we began to sing for migrants, the public has always taken us as their spokespersons (…) After so much time of this representation that they have given us, we believe that we can continue singing these songs because today there are more problems”, Hernán, the brother of the group with the iconic bicolor hair, deepens.


Los Tigres del Norte have three scheduled dates at the National Auditorium in Mexico City, on May 20, 21 and 22. But they will also be in Culiacan on June 11as part of his “La Reunion Tour 2022” tour.