The tragic moment where the Bebeshita serenaded Aristeo Cázares and was hit

La Bebeshita went to Garibaldi to get the mariachis (Photo: screenshot/Youtube Daniela Alexis)

Daniela Alexis, better known as the little baby, lived a sad moment after confessing his love to Aristeo Cazares and that he categorically rejected her.

It was from his channel Youtube where the former member of the program falling in love He showed the plan to express your feelings to the next participant Exathlon: All Star.

You see that I am in love with AristeoImagine how our children will turn out. We’re going to make them like babyshiteros, so right now I’m going to talk to Mati so she can tell me where my little baby is and serenade her,” Alexis said to her makeup artist, who was fixing her up for the surprise she had prepared.

the little baby She called her friend Mati Álvarez to tell her about the plan and to come to an agreement. Later he went to Garibaldi to get the mariachis.

However, when Alexis arrived at the place where Aristeo was and the mariachis began to play, the athlete was disconcerted and began to show his disagreement with the situation.

Baby Serenade
Aristeo Cázares rejected the baby (Photo: screenshot/Youtube Daniela Alexis)

“In that way? Don’t overdo it, no, Mati, you overdo it […] Mati told me that her uncle was going to come to leave her a suitcase and I went downstairs and helped you carry the suitcase up”, began to say Cazares.

Thus, between hugs and uncomfortable laughter, Aristeo thanked the little baby for the gesture, but it made her aware that he couldn’t reciprocate in the way she expected.

“I love you very much and you are my friend and we are going to enjoy this beautiful serenade. Thank you. I’m dating someone and I can’t kiss anyone”, he sentenced.

Faced with this situation, Daniela quickly became disillusioned, asked the mariachis to stop the music, began to cry and left the place as quickly as possible.

Yeah, yeah, he just hit me. Let’s go, I pay them and I’m leaving. Neta I’m going to cry”, she said, although Aristeo repeated that he loved her but that he couldn’t kiss her.

The followers of the influencer They did not take long to react, so they showed their support and pointed out that in the future he would find someone with whom he could share his heart.

Baby Serenade
Aristeo Cázares said he had a partner (Photo: screenshot/Youtube Daniela Alexis)

“Your intention was very nice. You should not be afraid of rejection because in reality he is respecting the person he is dating, that is setting limits. That he has set a limit for you does not mean that he does not love you but that he respects you, respects himself and respects the other person so that exclusivities are not broken. It is a lesson that you could learn if you wish and begin to set limits so that they do not treat you as your previous partners have done. Blessings to you, Daniel. Much success”, wrote a netizen.

“You are a beautiful baby girl…. Beautiful and charismatic but above all full of love, soon a wonderful man will arrive who deserves you and gives you all the love you deserve, greetings from Guadalajara! I send you a hug!” or “I think Aristeo can choose and is not obliged to accept, maybe he sees her as a friend and if she does, I think that would be even worse and if perhaps Aristeo wants it, it will be time for him to fight for her ”, were other messages of support he received.


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