The true story behind Karol G’s refusal to be part of the 2018 hit ‘Sin Pijama’

The intersection of personal values and career choices in the music industry through Karol G's experience with 'Sin Pijama.'

In a surprising revelation, Colombian singer Karol G shared why she declined to participate in a hit reggaeton song that turbocharged the careers of two colleagues and would likely have propelled her own career significantly as well.

The song in question, ‘Sin Pijama,’ by Becky G and Natti Natasha, swept the charts in 2018. Despite its somewhat explicit lyrics, it resonated with many women, earning its place as an anthem of empowerment.

‘Sin Pijama’ made history with the voices of Becky G and Natti Natasha; however, Karol G was initially slated to be part of this collaboration, not Natti, who is currently in a relationship with producer Raphy Pina.

So, what led Karol G to turn down a collaboration on the hit song ‘Sin Pijama’ by Becky G?

Karol G, the Paisa artist, expressed her reasons in candid terms. She stated that the lyrics didn’t align with her personal beliefs, behaviors, and values. Verses referring to marijuana use and explicit sexual behavior, among other things, didn’t sit well with the ‘La Bichota’ singer.

On the same topic:

In her own words, “I called Becky and told her: no see, I think there is no need and why are we going to say that we smoke marijuana if we don’t do it. I told her: the truth is that I sing what I feel represents me and what I can defend,” said Karol G.

At the time, Karol G was more cautious about public perceptions, understanding the societal impact of music. This awareness led her to reject ‘Sin Pijama,’ as she did not want to field questions from journalists such as, “Karol G, do you smoke?”

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“No fumo marihuana” por eso no quise participar en la canción de Sin Pijama #karolg #music #bichota #viral #fyp #parati CC: Chinox Junior

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Despite missing out on the success of ‘Sin Pijama,’ Karol G has continued to thrive in her music career. This decision was influenced firstly by other significant projects she was engaged in and, secondly, by the song’s lyrics. However, Guillermo Giraldo, her father, and manager, nudged her to reconsider her stance. He advised her to be a little more audacious in her song choices, keeping in mind global trends and popular taste while still preserving her unique essence.