The truth behind the viral video of the boy who was put inside a “boiling” pot in India

The truth behind the viral video of the boy who was put inside a “boiling” pot in India

In recent days much has been said on social networks about a video that was originally shared on the internet in 2019, which apparently was recorded in India and where you can see a child put in a large pot of water, which is boiling.

Many users of the networks have wondered if what is shown by the video is part of some kind of ritual and above all, if it really was an attempt against the life of the minor, so many have given themselves the task of investigating what really happened.

The most detailed claim to have found certain inconsistencies in the video and therefore, it seems that in reality the child was not introduced to a body of water that is in a boiling state.

For example, the water only seems to boil in front of the child, not in the rest of the pot. Also, the flower petals that cover the surface don’t even move. There is also no steam, which would come out very visibly if the water was actually boiling. In addition, the festive atmosphere around it suggests that it is some kind of ritual to attract some kind of donation from those present at the ceremony.

Some theories about the video suggest that the child must be sitting on some type of compressed air pump, which would cause those bubbles that give the appearance that the water is boiling. Others also indicate that the fire is not strong enough to bring water to a boil.

What do you think actually happened?

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