The United Kingdom will not put new restrictions because “they must live with COVID-19”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is reportedly not expected to put new restrictions anytime soon on United Kingdom (despite the Omicron variant) since his secretary of health has indicated that the British who “They must try to live with Covid-19” in 2022.

New Year’s Eve celebrations came to town without restrictions in England, despite reports of another record rise in coronavirus, with 189,846 new infections in the state.

The hospital admissions are at an all-time high in England since January, while the number of hospital staff in the National Health Service
(NHS) absent due to virus has nearly doubled in a month.

They do not intend to apply new restrictions

Apparently no new sanitary measures will be applied The omicron variant has been extended by the entity

The actual number of daily cases could be closer to half a million in the middle of an ‘unprecedented wave’, according to government adviser Professor Sir David Spiegelhalter.

The British Medical Association has called for more public health measures “urgently to prevent the health service from being completely overwhelmed”.

But it is likely that the prime minister keep your refusal to introduce restrictions. Plan B measures, such as the use of face masks and working from home, are likely to be expanded.

Johnson is keeping a close eye on the Omicron data. The minister has reportedly been reassured by new evidence suggesting that the new variant is up to 70% milder than Delta.

COVID-19 in the UK

The omicron variant has spread throughout the state

The new figures this weekend also showed that 33% of people who have Covid in the hospital they were admitted for other reasons.

These rumors arise when Sajid Javid warned that restrictions such as mandatory confinement “must be an absolute last resort.”

Writing in the Daily Mail, he said that “the numbers in intensive care units are stable and not currently following the trajectory that we saw at this time last year.”

The Health Minister seemed proud of how the UK government has handled the Omicron wave, saying that England had “welcomed 2022 with some of the least restrictive measures in Europe.”

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