The United States assured its catcher: JT Realmuto will be in the World Classic

Photo: Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

USA keep building your Dream Team for what will be the next edition of the World Baseball Classic in 2023. After confirming a couple of days ago to Paul Goldschmidtnow it was the opportunity JT Realmuto; who is one of the best Major League baseball masks and now he will have to lead the US team.

Being a new World Cup event, USA He does not want to keep anything in order to proclaim himself champion. That is why they wanted to select the best pieces found in The majors.

With the inclusion of realmut, The Americans already have most of the positions in the inside four, the only thing missing is who will defend second base and obviously, the members of the rotation.

realmut, It is currently a record of Philadelphia Phillies and with the absence of the gardener Bryce Harper, the mask has taken the reins of the team to seek to put it in the postseason. Not only behind the plate, but with the bat he has also made a difference.

On the other hand, the new Dream Team of baseball, added a new player with Gold Glove in his record, since Realmuto He conquered it in the 2019 season, when precisely, he was playing his first campaign with the team from the city of sports.

Now, USA will be given the toupee of having a lineup with Mike Trout, Nolan Arena, Trevor Story, Paul Goldschmidt and now JT Realmuto; not bad to start preparing the conquest of World Baseball Classic.

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