The United States registers a historical minimum of people without health insurance

United States.- The number of people living in the United States without a health insurance reached a minimum historical 8% this year, announced on Tuesday the Department of Health and Human Services.

“Every American has the right to the peace of mind that comes with access to quality, affordable health care”President Joe Biden said in a statement issued Tuesday about the historically low rate of uninsured Americans.

The announcement comes days after Democrats crafted a 725-page deal on climate, health care and tax matters that would expand generous federal subsidies for people who buy private health insurance, credited with reducing in uninsured rates. Democrats have proposed spending $64 billion to extend those price cuts for three more years.

The decline in the number of uninsured Americans began last year, when Congress and Biden enacted a $1.9 trillion coronavirus pandemic relief package that lowered premiums and out-of-pocket costs for new or repeat offenders. purchased plans through the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act private marketplaces.

The uninsured rate fell to just under 9% last year thanks to better subsidies. The Biden administration also began increasing publicity and the number of advisers who helped with plan enrollment applications during last year’s season.

Before last year, the uninsured rate had been steadily in double digits for decades. The number of uninsured Americans began to decline starting in 2010, when “Obamacare” was signed into law. The law expands Medicaid — the government’s health care program for the poor or disabled, and offers health insurance to people who lack employment coverage through a combination of subsidized private plans.

Approximately 26 million people remain without health insurance in the United States. But just under 2% of children are uninsured.

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“We know that access to quality, affordable health care is critical to healthier lives, financial security and peace of mind,” Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra said in a statement.