The United States will lose 22,000 workers a month if DACA ends: Pro-migrant organization

Washington.- United States will lose 22 thousand workers every month for two years if the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA) is classified as illegal by the courts in the country, warned this Monday a report by to which EFE had early access.

The new report notes that Texas and California are the two states that will see the greatest reduction in their workforce, as they are home to a large percentage of DACA recipients offering a work permit and deportation protection to more than half a million migrants.

DACA Recipients and their families are waiting for a Louisiana appeals court to rule on the legality of the program.

In early July, the New Orleans Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals heard arguments in the case about the program launched in 2012 under then-president Barack Obama.

Last year, Texas federal judge Andrew Hanen sided with the plaintiff states in ruling that DACA violated the administrative process when it was created and ordered to prohibit the granting of new permits under this framework.

Recipients of the DACA program. Photo: EFE

Texas and the other states with Republican administrations that sued have argued that the program has sapped their budgets by allowing migrants stay in the country.

If the migratory benefit were withdrawn, USA it would see an “immediate impact on its economy and on the labor market,” demographer Phillip Connor, author of the report, told Efe.

Currently, there are 611,470 people enrolled in the DACA program in the country, according to data from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS, in English).

That number, Connor assured, is not a large percentage on a national scale, but the loss of these workers “can be felt in a great way at the local level”, especially in the areas where there is a greater concentration of beneficiaries of DACA.

According to the study, if the program is terminated, California it would be the state where the most jobs would be lost —6,000 per month—, followed by Texas —5,000— and Illinois —one thousand jobs per month—.

The study also points out that the impact will not only be suffered by the “dreamers”, as the beneficiaries of DACAbut also for their families.

Thousands of people across the country will have a close family member at risk of being deported, the study says.

The government of President Joe Biden has defended the DACA program in court and it is not yet clear if the case will reach the Supreme Court.

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Several migrant rights groups have asked the US Congress to pass legislation that would allow permanent status to be given to beneficiaries of DACA.