The University of Southern California resumed in-person classes for the spring semester on Monday.

The University of Southern California returned to face-to-face classes on campus this Monday.

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Starting this Monday, the University of Southern California (USC) resumed face-to-face classes for the spring semester this Monday.

The 10th of January, the university began classes remotely due to the increase in infections in the region of the state and was initially scheduled to return to in-person instruction on January 18, the day after the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, but Chancellor Charles F. Zukoski and Ph.D. of Health Sarah Van Orman opted to extend online learning by a week.

University professors, students and workers who are eligible should receive COVID vaccine boosters.

As a measure to avoid possible contagion, all individuals on campus will be required to wear enhanced medical grade face coverings instead of cloth face coverings.

“Other campus services are likely to be a bit slower than normal due to understaffing or because departments have been given the ability to reduce workplace density, so it may take longer to respond. a phone and some offices may not be fully staffed,” Chancellor Zukoski and Dr. Van Orman said in a message Friday.

“We ask for your continued patience and understanding as we manage our return and do everything we can to continue keeping our campuses safe for our students, faculty, and communities,” they added.

USC launched a Spring Convocation for new students in person, scheduled for this Tuesday at Bovard Auditorium, although social distancing and mask wearing requirements will be implemented. This event will also be streamed online.

UCLA resumes in-person classes through January 31

UCLA, which also began the spring semester remotely, will resume face-to-face classes until January 31.

“We are able to make this transition due to improving conditions, including decreased case and test positivity rates at UCLA and in Los Angeles County, as well as increased compliance with the new COVID-19 testing protocols from the County of Los Angeles. campus and booster shot requirements announced last month,” UCLA said in a school statement.

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