The unpublished photo of Sylvia Pasquel when she was a child with Silvia Pinal

Silvia Pinal is currently 90 years old and her daughter Sylvia Pasquel is 72 (Photos: [email protected] // EFE)

Most posts on Instagram account michelle halls they are photographs of herself, however, she recently surprised her almost two million followers with a temporary story in which she shared an unpublished image of Silvia Pinal Y Sylvia Pasquel.

“Grandma and great-grandma”Michelle Salas wrote, accompanying her words with an emoji of a face in love. In the black and white imagea young Silvia Pinal posed with her daughter, barely 10 or 11 years old, in the background part of an airport could be seen and both wore outfits that were fashionable at that time.

Silvia Pinal wore black shoes with stiletto heels, a reptile skin bag and a short dress with large black and white checks with short sleeves up to the elbow. To highlight her face and her haircut, the actress chose earrings for her ears.

Sylvia Pasquel and Silvia Pinal at the airport in Madrid, <a class=Spain (Photo: Instagram/@michellesalasb)” height=”824″ src=”” width=”466″ />
Sylvia Pasquel and Silvia Pinal at the airport in Madrid, Spain (Photo: Instagram/@michellesalasb)

For her part, Sylvia Pasquel wore a light-colored outfit made up of blouse and skirt decorated with miniature checks to match mom’s clothesBoth garments had large front buttons lined with a strip of white cloth, she also wore flats and ankle socks.

Hours later, Sylvia Pasquel replicated the temporary story on her own Instagram account and gave more details about the moment the memory was created; According to the actress, the photograph belongs to the sixties and was taken in the Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas International Airport located in Spain.

“Fashion of the 60′s in Madrid, Barajas Airport”, the 72-year-old actress wrote. It should be noted that this is the first time that the memory has been published outside the airport, however, Sylvia Pasquel herself usually Post photos from your teens on a regular basis.

This is what Sylvia Pasquel looked like in 1978 (Photo: Instagram/@sylviapasqueloficial)
This is what Sylvia Pasquel looked like in 1978 (Photo: Instagram/@sylviapasqueloficial)

In contrast, Michelle Salas generally publishes photos of her current outfits, which is why the image of the airport also attracted attention, since the actress does not usually share many details about her life with her mother’s family.

Another time when the daughter of Stephanie Salas and Luis Miguel remembered her great-grandmother was when Silvia Pinal was going through her COVID-19 infection, the driver of Woman, real life casesdazzled with her beauty surrounded by balloons in the black and white photograph that her great-granddaughter shared.

In this way, the renowned actress of the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema I wish one “Happy New Year”, Well, this phrase was written on a balloon that he held with one of his hands. For her part, Michelle Salas only added some heart emojis and sparkles on the image.

(Capture: @michellesalasb/Instagram)
This is how Michelle Salas remembered Silvia Pinal (Capture: @michellesalasb/Instagram)

In a certain way, the model repeated the gesture that she had with her great-grandmother at Christmas, because days before the holiday, the presenter of Woman, real life cases, had problems with her blood pressure, for which she was transferred to an emergency hospital in CDMX; already inside the hospital tested positive for coronavirus, for which he remained hospitalized until last December 29.

“This Christmas I don’t find as many words as I would like because there is a small emptiness in me and, although I am calm that everything is fine, the lack that she makes me and that my loved ones make me is essential to achieve absolute happiness on me,” he wrote.


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