The unusual gambit that Pati Chapoy threw at Pedro Sola live

Pati Chapoy played Pedro Sola (Photo: Screenshot/Azteca Uno)

It is well known that one of the shows most appreciated by the Mexican population is Ventaneando, where the hosts not only present the news that concerns celebrities, but also give their opinions on various topics and even make jokes with each other.

Therefore, the complicity that exists between Pati Chapoy and Pedro Sola has been increasing over the years of collaboration within the program. It was for this, that on this occasion the conversation between both drivers took another direction that made the other members of the team burst into laughter.

It all started when Pedrito Sola was talking about alleged messages that Erika Buenfil’s son would have been exchanging with “La Bebeshita” and He pointed out the age difference between the two characters in the show business.

There are children who like them big”, said Pedro Sola.

But surprisingly, Pati Chapoy attacked mercilessly and released a trick that no one on the set expected:

Like you”sentenced.

Pedro Sola Alburado
Pedro Sola did not know how to react to it (Photo: Screenshot/Azteca Uno)

At that moment, both Daniel Bisogno, Rosario Murrieta and Linet Puente burst into laughter at the funny moment that had just happened.

But it did not end there, because Internet users did not let the situation go by on social networks and made some comments about it.

Nothing like your boss giving you a whistle on national television”, “A true jewel”, “before I didn’t like her, after seeing this, she has all my respect”, were some of the mentions that circulated in Twitter.

Recently, Pati Chapoy spoke at At the wheel of the Golden Scorpion about his extensive career in windowing and confessed some details about the success that the program has had for several decades.

“Okay, windowing It is a program based on research, daily reporting and everyone’s commitment to keep the program on the air. This television program has turned out to be a business, out of series, for the company. I am not here because of my pretty face, nor because I do my job very well, but because I obviously achieved a successful business model for TV Azteca.Chapoy said.

pati chapoy albuea pedro alone
the drivers burst into laughter (Photo: Screenshot/Azteca Uno)

The controversial Golden Scorpion questioned the driver about her experience with new technologies and the arrival of digital media that compete with its program of shows.

“If you take it as competition, it’s fine, because that means that you have to put your batteries to make your chamaba better. The fact that the Internet has appeared and gives us many media outlets in the tower is also very positive because it is opening up the possibility of a wonderful job for a bunch of kids like you [Escorpión Dorado]”, asserted the driver.

what was the origin of windowing

windowing started in 1996 under the production of Carmen Armendáriz and the original cast of conductors was integrated by the own Pati Chapoy, Juan José Origel, Pedro Sola and Martha Figueroa. The first has been at the forefront of the evening program for many years, achieving unparalleled success.

For Pati Chapoy, her program has been essential for the growth of entertainment media in Mexico: “windowing it has become the information agency for shows for alllook thanks to the investigation that the program does, tomorrow you will see it in various media”, he said in the interview with the golden scorpion


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