The Uvalde shooter, Salvador Ramos, threatened women with shootings and rapes on social networks before the massacre

Uvalde’s assailant launched threats on the Yubo social network.

Photo: Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images

The Texas school shooter who killed 19 children and 2 teachers, Salvador Ramos, threatened on several occasions on social networks to commit shootings and rape girls, but most users did not pay much attention to it, considering it unbelievable.

Media such as the Washington Post, Fox News or CNN published testimonies from dozens of social network users, especially from the Yubo live video, who described Ramos, 18, as habitually aggressive and threatening, especially towards women.

All these witnesses are teenagers, Yubo’s main audience, and they explained that some users of the social network had already jokingly referred to Ramos before the incident as “the Yubo school shooter” for his gloomy posing and violent comments.

However, many of the Internet users chose not to report him, considering that his words were not excessively out of tune with those of other adolescent users on the networks and therefore perceive it as not very credible.

Although some users did alert Yubo to Ramos’s threats, su account remained open.

Yubo has about 60 million users worldwidepractically all of them under 25 years of age, and many of them adolescents.

On Tuesday, May 24, the day of the shooting, Ramos sent a private message to one of your contacts Facebook in which he warned him that he was going to shoot his grandmother; another later in which he explained that he had already done it, and a third in which he announced that he was going to shoot up a school all of them in an interval of less than half an hour.

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