The Valencia coach criticizes the refereeing: “From the VAR they should have warned that it was not a penalty”

Jose Bordalás, technician of the Valencia, appreciated the action of the penalty that broke the game that his team lost to him Real Madrid (4-1) at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium on the penalty of Omar alderete about Casemiro, who assured “has conditioned” the meeting and complained that the VAR did not intervene.

“I leave with a bad feeling, because it is a very bulky result. We entered the game well, we had it quite controlled in the first half and that non-existent penalty play that surprises me that it was whistled, I cannot understand it. It has conditioned. It is no excuse but it has opened the scoring for him Real Madrid and it has given them confidence. The second half has been terrible, we are very limited in numbers and it is outrageous to conceal four goals, “he said.

The action of the penalty on Casemiro was questioned by the coach and the Valencia CF players. (Photo: Captura / Movistar TV)

Bordalás acknowledged that in the break they put the image of the controversy on him and ratified what he saw live on the field. “It is an action in which Omar Alderete has won the position and it is Casemiro who hits, shoots and is skillful. I understand that the referee can make a mistake on the field but from the VAR they should have warned him that it is not a penalty“, lament.

The technician of the Valencia he regretted the image his team left in the second half. “We have given facilities, the second goal came in easily; and the third is a loss when filtering inside. We are limited, we need troops, because we are the second most thrashed team in the championship and thus we are not going anywhere ”.

“It is clear that we are limited, the casualties are from players who were playing in the eleven and unfortunately there is a lot of accusation when you lack a player. The team noticed it in today’s game. So we cannot continue, conceding goals with this ease we are not going anywhere. We are Valencia and 32 goals conceded or we cut it or there is little we can do. Each game is a fragility and a huge weakness. If we do not improve it, it is complicated, “he said.