The victim in the shooting against Grupo Fuerza Regida’s van was one of the band’s security guard

Security team member for Fuerza Regida killed in Veracruz ambush; colleagues and law enforcement respond swiftly.

In a chilling incident on the Cumbres de Maltrata route in Veracruz, a member of the security team for Fuerza Regida, the famed Mexican-American regional music ensemble formed in 2015, was killed during an attempted robbery. The group was en route from Mexico City to Quintana Roo in the early hours of Tuesday when tragedy struck.

Surprise Ambush on the Road

While descending the Cumbres de Maltrata, the security team, comprised of six men, was confronted by unidentified men wielding high-caliber weapons. Initial reports indicate that the attackers opened fire, presumably to force the vehicle to a halt and rob its occupants.

Despite the hail of bullets, the driver of the vehicle, showing immense courage, did not stop. Instead, he accelerated, successfully evading the assailants. Tragically, however, one of the bullets found its mark, gravely injuring one of the security personnel.

Following the ambush, the injured man was swiftly transported by his colleagues to the Regional Hospital of Río Blanco. Despite the best efforts of the medical staff, he succumbed to his injuries in the Intensive Care Unit.

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Law Enforcement’s Response

In the aftermath of the violent episode, units from the National Guard’s Highway Division, which is reportedly responsible for patrolling that highway zone, alongside officers from the State and Accredited Ministerial Police, arrived at the hospital. The vehicle, bearing the scars of the assault, was subsequently impounded.

In response to the incident, the Veracruz Prosecutor’s Office announced the initiation of an investigation at the justice procurement subunit in Nogales, focusing on the events that transpired on the Puebla-Orizaba highway.

The deceased was identified as Jorge N. It was confirmed that the five other individuals traveling in the vehicle emerged from the harrowing ordeal unscathed.