The video curriculum the new trend to get a job

The video curriculum the new trend to get a job

Video CVs the new way of looking for a job is here to stay.

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Everything seems to indicate that to apply for a job now you will have to adapt to social networks and their new ways. Since the TikTok platform launched “TikTok Resumes”, a space created as a new way to discover talented candidates and professional opportunities, It seems that video resumes can play an important role when an employer notices you.

Although TikTok Resumes completed its pilot program period at the end of July, it is possible that a similar alternative may definitely return; Well, this format with which the creativity of the candidate was revealed at once. This is how some marketing agencies let it be seen.

This initial TikTok idea suggests that other social media platforms will come with similar formats or ideas. In this sense, Nicole Penn from the Marketing EGC group hopes that as usual some networks tend to copy others.

“We predict that LinkedIn will have a video resume feature, while we see that Instagram is already being used for recruiting, so it’s only a matter of time before they have a similar feature. And, of course, Facebook, being part of Instagram, will do the same ”. Penn assured.

The video curriculum could be quite advantageous for candidates because it allows them to show their creativity with facts and for the employer at once he finds out with the digital level that the candidate has, they will know if it is what they call a “digital native” or not.

To know how you should prepare your video-cv on TikTok, check the platform and look for recruiters who are explaining the type of cv that are popular and sought after by companies.

With the hashtag #curriculumvitae or #resumetips you can find the best examples on the platform so you can start making your video about your job summary.

TikTok for its pilot experiment partnered with select companies and invited job seekers to apply with their video resumes. Among the companies that participated in the pilot were Chipotle, Target, WWE, Alo Yoga, Shopify, Contra, Movers + Shaker, among others.

The popular Chinese platform invited Posting the videos with the hashtag #TikTokResumes because that was the way employers were going to search for candidates. You could also go directly to

For newbies, at the beginning of the pilot program, TikTok performed live with specialists to explain what should be shown in a short curriculum video.

Although they are now much more creative and dynamic due to the speed of the platform that promotes them, video resumes are nothing new. By 2014, the video-presentation of the candidate was beginning to become popular in a CV that allowed employers to have a certain judgment with something more than a photo and a list of experiences.

The advantage of a video for the employer, especially in these times of pandemic, is that You can know or get an idea of ​​a candidate’s attitude before calling him for an interview.

So probably TikTok Resumes is here to stay, although the trial period of the pilot program ended on July 31, the simple way of this method was accepted by both employers and candidates, perhaps for many it is easier than handling Linkedin, the social network par excellence for job search.

Other social networks will surely be about to launch similar ideas, and will launch options to seek employment through these.


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