The video of Diosa Canales exercising her buttocks in tight sports attire

the always sexy Goddess Channels He knows how to attract attention because he has some charms that drive his millions of followers crazy. Thanks to this, the Venezuelan woman does not miss an opportunity to upload content to her social networks, which she always stop drooling those who decide to watch it.

A few hours ago, the singer published a video through her Instagram account where she appears performing an exercise routine for buttocks, wearing a tight sports outfit that perfectly highlights her prominent charms.

“#trainhard #bööty 💪💋 Follow me on and watch my workouts…”, is the epigraph used by the also vedette at the bottom of the clip that is about to reachb19 thousand visualizations and has very good reviews.

“That body seems to be made with a mold 😋😘”, “Beautiful woman ❤️❤️” and “What a beautiful thing Venezuela has! how great is my country 🔥👏”, are some of the compliments.

It should be noted that just a few days before, Goddess Channels She conquered hearts through a publication in which she was admired swaying her figure, wearing white micro shorts and a braless shirt that covers only half of her breasts.

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