The video that Stefi Roitman published before her marriage to Ricky Montaner

Before the big party, Stefi Roitman and Ricky Montaner held a pre-wedding with their most intimate circle

Stefi roitman chose to share a video in the run-up to her wedding with Ricky montaner. And he did it set to music by “A thousend years”, by Christina Perri. The post he made on his social networks begins with images of the pre-wedding that they celebrated in an exclusive bar in the Recoleta neighborhood on Thursday night. And it continues with images of the couple traveling in the van to Exaltation of the Cross, where they get married this Saturday starting at 16. In addition, they are seen accompanied by a friend and a friend.

The one in charge of filming is the Argentine actress, who in addition to showing her friends, and her future husband, who is sitting behind her, shows herself. And she cannot help but express the smile she has for these hours before giving the most important yes of her life, after more than two years in a relationship with Ricardo Montaner’s son.

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Regarding the wedding, it was learned that all the providers who were in charge of the different services signed a confidentiality contract in order to not reveal absolutely anything about the organization. As well as they cannot publish images in their social networks. Meanwhile, the journalist Maite Peñoñori pointed out in Intruders that the bride also signed a document in which she promised not to give interviews on the matter. For example, it will be the protagonists who decide what type of content to publish. And when they want.

The ceremony will be mixed since the musician is an evangelist and the actress, a Jew. And it will be at the El Dok – Haras room, 82 kilometers from the city of Buenos Aires. The couple chose an outdoor space to celebrate their union but also respect the protocols for the coronavirus pandemic. The exact address of the place was only known in the last hours since the invitation they originally sent spoke of a “secret location” to prevent it from leaking into the media. It was only after each person confirmed attendance that the location was sent to them on Friday.

stefi roitman ricky montaner
Stefi Roitman and Ricky Montaner with their dog Mao

For example, Stefi and Ricky told all the guests that they will not be able to enter with their cell phones: there will be some lookers where the electronic devices will be kept until they leave the establishment. They did the same Nicolás Cabré and Eugenia Tobal, Luisana Lopilato and Michael Bublé, and Wanda Nara in their respective marriages with Maxi lopez first and then with Mauro Icardi.

Without yet a confirmed number, it is speculated that there will be between 400 and 600 guests, among which stand out, of course, family and friends of the couple. In addition, many traveled from the United States to be present. Is that last October, the actress had given an interview in which she had assured that the wedding would be in Miami, but the plans changed, and those who live there had to take a ticket to Argentina. And they were arriving during the last week.

stefi roitman ricky montaner
Stefi Roitman and Ricky Montaner get married after more than two years of dating

Meanwhile, there were celebrities who warned in advance that they could not attend for different reasons: Marley is recording Around the world with Lizy Tagliani; Lali Esposito, in Spain filming the new season of Sky Red;Y Susana gimenez is in Punta del Este: although distance is not an impediment, the diva chooses to avoid mass events.

Not too many details about the look of the bride and groom were revealed either. We will have to wait for the first photos to appear. Although it was possible to anticipate that the actress chose an Argentine designer to make her dress and that she will not use a single model but will have three different changes with the running of the party.


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