The widow of Fernando del Solar could end up paying the pension of the children of Ingrid Coronado

Next August 30 will be two months since Fernando del Solar left this world, at the age of 49, after his fight against lymphatic cancer and pneumonia took his life.

And although his sudden death not only shocked the entertainment industry, but his loved ones, the truth is that between Ingrid Coronado and his last wife, Anna Ferro, dimes and diretes arose due to the alleged debts and inheritance that Fernando left.

It all started a few weeks ago when Ferro revealed in an interview that Ingrid had allegedly sued the Argentine for child support, a situation that, coupled with the death of Fernando’s father, made his last weeks of life very difficult for him.

“The day after his father’s death we had a socioeconomic study for that lawsuit (which Ingrid Coronado filed). It is the first demand that they put me in my life. They had never sued me!” Was part of what Anna declared to the magazine Hello!.

Soon, Coronado requested her right of reply in a document in which she clarified that she never sued Fernando del Solar before his death and explained that the lawsuit was actually filed by the Argentine driver against her.

“The truth is that in 2016 a divorce lawsuit was filed against me. Said process is pending final resolution, so, during the month of May 2022, the Judge of the case ordered (informally) a socioeconomic study to be carried out on both parties, ”she assured.

He also said that his children’s pensions have not been fully covered for more than a year and stressed that child support obligations remain even after the death of some of the child support debtors.

In fact, its non-compliance constitutes an illegal act and even a crime, so Anna Ferro would have to take care of the support of the children that Fernando had with Ingrid Coronado, according to the law in Mexico.

The Civil Code states that the obligations would have to be covered by her family in order of proximity line and there would have to be a succession of debts and pensions to be collected from the properties, which could affect Anna.

“The debts and pensions will be collected from the assets left by the deceased, not from the grandparents, or any other family member, it is from the same properties that they have,” the law states.