The wife of “El Mijis” confessed that there is no progress in her search

in interview Miriam Martinez, the wife of former deputy Pedro Carrizales “El Mijis”, confessed that despite taking all the necessary measures, they still have no progress in their search, and 16 days have passed since he was last seen.

She added that she is afraid because until now she does not know his whereabouts. In the interview, Miriam refused to offer details of what they have achieved in the investigation, since she said that it could interfere with the investigations that the authorities are undertaking.

She thanked the prosecutors of San Luis Potosí, Nuevo León and Saltillo for their support, as well as missing persons search associations from various states.

What Miriam said about the disappearance of “El Mijis”

What Miriam said about the disappearance of her husband

Wife of the former deputy “El Mijis” said that the last contact she had with him were some audios that he sent. She trusts that her husband is alive but she is still worried because after two weeks she still does not know where he is, she added:

“At the moment there is nothing, so far there is normalcy, we want to know what happened, but my husband did not get into trouble”

She commented that UN personnel are getting involved, also that she and her children are worried because “El Mijis” was under medical treatment against cancer and diabetes she pointed:

“Those other treatments had to continue having them and that is what worries us too”

El Mijis age

The age of “El Mijis”

Pedro Cesar Carrizales Becerra, known as “El Mijis”, was a local deputy in the LXII Legislature of the State Congress from San Luis Potosi. He’s 42 years old and was born on February 22, 1979, in San Luis Potosi.

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