“The woman of fire”, Olga Tañón, celebrates her 55 years

The mezzo-soprano nicknamed by fans “La Mujer de Fuego” has been awarded seven gold and five platinum records.

Photo: Eva Marie Uzcategui / AFP / Getty Images

“With New Paths” in 1996, Olga Tañón became the first Puerto Rican artist to be certified gold in the US. In addition, she is the winner of numerous Grammy and Latin Grammy Awards, charting more than 40 singles on the Hot Latin Songs chart, and winning dozens of Premio Lo Nuestro awards.

The Puerto Rican was born on April 13, 1967from middle-class parents. Her career as a singer began in the 1980s with “Las Nenas de Ringo y Jossie”, before joining the merengue group Chantelle, with which she had great success.

Chantelle was a rarity among the merengue acts of the time, who were generally male, and all three women were very successful. In 1994, Tañón made his solo debut with “Sola”, which was not a great success, but it did well enough for him to part ways with Chantelle and continue his solo career.

Her next album, Mujer de Fuego (1993), was notably more successful, breaking into the Top Latin Albums list and spawning a string of hits: “Contigo o sin ti”, “Muchacho malo”, “You can’t ask me”, “You’ll come crying” and “I witnessed your love”, the last of which was a Top Ten hit on the Top Latin Tracks chart.

Tañón’s next album, “Feel the love…” (1994), was even more successful. Similar in style to his first two albums, it broke into the Top Five of the Top Latin Albums chart and spawned a string of hit singles that lasted a year and a half: “Es mentiroso”, “Receta del amor”, “Aún ”, “Between night and day”, “I am tired” and “One more night”, that is, half of the album.

Tañón’s career went through a series of ups and downs starting in 1998, the year in which he definitively made the leap to pop and his personal life began to surpass his artistic one.

Tañón married Juan González, the most famous Major League Baseball player from Puerto Rico. The short-lived marriage ended in divorce less than two years later, but not before it spawned plenty of sensational material.

In short, González divorced his wife Elaine López, herself a famous Puerto Rican athlete, after a newspaper published a photo of him and Tañón kissing during a concert in San Juan; González had a daughter with Tañón, Gabriela González Tañón, who was diagnosed with Sebastián syndrome, an extremely rare blood clotting disorder, and González had an additional son, albeit with a different woman, while he was married to Tañón.

Despite the drama of her personal life, Tañón continued her career, first releasing a Grammy-winning live album, “Olga Viva, Viva Olga (1999)”, and then another Latin pop effort, Yo por Ti (2001), which also won a Grammy for Best Merengue Performance.

In 2006, he moved to Univision, the leading Spanish-language company in the US, for Soy como tú (2006). The album’s lead single, “Disillusion Me,” quickly became a huge hit, and the album itself proved to be a huge success, charting in the Top Ten on no fewer than 15 charts.

The following years saw hits compilations and live records released to the public by various labels.

The Latin Singer-Songwriters Hall of Fame awarded him the “Voice of the Muse” award and the Hispanic Arts Award.

His 2009 Peace Without Borders Concert in Havana, Cuba recorded 1.6 million attendees.

In 2017, she released the collaboration “Olga Tañón y Punto” on her Mia Musa Music label, offering styles ranging from merengue and salsa to vallenato and reggaeton.

After a sold-out tour, he re-recorded with “Pal’ Combo Es Lo Que Hay” in 2021. It included six versions associated with Puerto Rico’s legendary salsa orchestra El Gran Combo and a couple of revised remixes. for meringue

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