The women who share their lives with El Chapo’s notorious sons, Los Chapitos

The hidden connections, family ties, and intriguing tales of the women linked to El Chapo's sons as they navigate life within the Sinaloa Cartel.

Among the 10 most wanted people by the Drug Enforcement Administration(DEA) are two members of “Los Chapitos,” one of the factions of the Sinaloa Cartel responsible for trafficking fentanyl to the United States. They are brothers Iván Archivaldo and Jesús Alfredo Guzmán-Salazar.

Together with their half-brothers Joaquín and Ovidio Guzmán López, they inherited the drug empire built by their father, Joaquín El Chapo Guzmán. Despite the risks involved in being immersed in the world of drug trafficking, they have not taken their steps alone, as during their criminal career, they have had the company of women who have become their partners or wives.

Although their relationships have kept them away from the public spotlight, and in some cases, there is no official information to prove a marriage, the fact is that the names of some of them have been associated with Los Chapitos. At least one has been scrutinized by the Financial Intelligence Unit (UIF).

Ovidio Guzmán es uno de los rostros más conocidos de Los Chapitos, debido al llamado Culiacanazo ocurrido en 2019 (Foto: Reuters)
Ovidio Guzmán is one of the most well-known faces of Los Chapitos due to the so-called Culiacanazo that occurred in 2019 (Photo: Reuters).

Ovidio and Adriana

Ovidio Guzmán López, alias El Ratón, is one of the most recognizable names of Los Chapitos due to the so-called “Culiacanazo” that occurred in 2019 when he was arrested and later released on orders from President Andrés Manuel Lópéz Obrador (AMLO). A similar situation arose in early 2023, but he did not have the same fate and is currently behind bars, fighting to avoid extradition.

According to reports by Borderland Beat, Adriana Meza Torres is the alleged wife of Ovidio Guzmán, as she is even considered “The New Queen of the Sinaloa Cartel”. She is also presumed to be the daughter of Raúl Meza Ontiveros, alias EL M-6, a lieutenant of the Sinaloa Cartel who was allegedly killed in 2007 in Culiacán.

In 2015 – the year in which El Chapo escaped from the maximum security prison of El Altiplano – the UIF ordered the blocking of Adriana’s bank accounts due to her alleged links with members of the Sinaloa Cartel since it was argued that she maintained or maintained a sentimental relationship with Ovidio Guzmán.

“Said circumstance, added to the irregularities that the complainant (Adriana) presents in the country’s financial system, constitutes warning signs regarding the probability that she is a loan shark for the criminal group led by Joaquín Guzmán,” reads UIF agreement 52/2015 consulted by El Sol de Sinaloa.

EEUU ofrece una recompensa de hasta USD 10 millones por Jesús Alfredo Guzmán Salazar, alias “Alfredillo” (Foto: Archivo)
The US is offering a reward of up to USD 10 million for Jesús Alfredo Guzmán Salazar, alias “Alfredillo” (Photo: Archive).

Despite this, Meza Torres’ defense has assured that his fortune has not been based on criminal activities but has to do with agriculture. Thus, Ovidio’s alleged partner has won an injunction twice against the UIF’s blockade.

Jesus and Elsa

Jesús Alfredo Guzmán, also known as El Alfredillo, is one of El Chapo‘s most discreet sons. However, he is currently on the DEA’s list of the 10 most wanted drug traffickers due to his involvement in distributing controlled substances. For this reason, a reward of up to US$10 million is being offered in exchange for information leading to his whereabouts or arrest.

According to reports from Borderland Beat, Elsa Félix Beltrán is Alfredo’s alleged romantic partner, with whom he has a son. Although not identified by authorities, she is presumed to be the daughter of Victor Manuel Felix, alias El Señor, arrested in 2011 and later sentenced to 14 years in prison in the United States.

Unofficial reports indicate that one of her cousins — Esmeralda Beltrán — is said to have had an affair with another member of Los Chapitos: Iván Guzmán. Apart from some photographs published on social networks, there is no further information about Elsa.

Ivan Archivaldo Guzmán es considerado como el acutal líder de Los Chapitos (Foto: Archivo)
Ivan Archivaldo Guzmán is considered to be the current leader of Los Chapitos (Photo: Archive).

Ivan and Zulema

Ivan Archivaldo, alias El Chapito, is the third most wanted drug trafficker by the DEA, ahead of Ismael Zambada Garcia (from the Sinaloa Cartel) and Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes (from the Jalisco Cartel – New Generation), so he is considered the current leader of Los Chapitos.

According to reports by the media above the outlet, Zulema Aracely Lindoro is Iván’s alleged wife. Her closeness to the Guzmán family was exposed in November 2012, when it became known that she had been arrested in California, United States, for immigration issues.

According to a Border Patrol spokesman, Paul Carr, Zulema’s student visa had been revoked because she was suspected of being linked to El Chapo‘s son. However, he said there was no evidence to prove her involvement in drug trafficking.

As a result, Zulema was released shortly after and returned to Tijuana, Baja California. It is presumed that she had at least two children with Iván.

EEUU acusa a Joaquín y a Ovidio por delitos de narco en el Distrito de Columbia (Foto:
The US charges Joaquín and Ovidio with drug offenses in the District of Columbia (Photo:

Regarding Joaquín Guzmán, there are no reports of his partner or private life. The State Department and the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency have released our photos of him.

In 2018, he was indicted along with his brother Ovidio by the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia for conspiring to distribute 1,000 kilograms of marijuana, another five kilograms of cocaine, and 500 grams of methamphetamine.

Beyond their romantic side, US authorities have fingered Los Chapitos as responsible for flooding the streets with fentanyl. This deadly synthetic opioid has created a public health crisis in neighboring countries.