The young singer is attacked with comments

  • The young interpreter boasts a change of look.
  • Belinda is criticized for her makeup on social networks
  • Does it look too fake?

This year has been one of the most significant for Belinda full of many successes in each of her projects both in her personal life, now Belinda with a change of look surprises in social networks. The singer dazzles with her beauty and her great talent every time she appears.

However, there is someone who is in charge of questioning what the singer does and the criticism for her appearance, during her career we have seen Belinda stand out for each change of look she has made, but … What happens with her new makeup?

Belinda is criticized for her change of look on social networks

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The singer always gives the audience to talk, this time she was attacked with great criticism among them where she is mentioned by several people who are not her followers and even followers of Beli as “La tigresa del Oriente” due to her change of look.

There is no doubt that the young woman looks stunning, although she is different from the Belinda that is known, this is not the first nor the last time that the Belinda surprises her followers and other people with her change of look on social networks. Recently some photographs of the singer began to circulate where she stripped herself of simplicity.

Belinda is the target of social networks for her ‘brutal’ change

Belinda is the target of social media
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Belinda boasted of a great make-up change with which she greatly enhances her light eyes, this was the hook and Belinda was attacked on social networks due to her look. Although in her personal account she was filled with compliments, there were those who did not wait a second to attack the interpreter with strong and negative comments.

Many began to comment that it was added years and last but not least that it looks “too false.” Belinda left her blonde hair to go brown, shared this great change with her followers accompanied by one of the most recognized stylists in Mexico giving a lot to talk about on social networks.

Unrecognizable! And for some it looks “false”

Belinda is criticized for her change of look on social networks
Photo: Instagram Gossip No Like

In the pictures that her stylist shared with Gossip No Like The singer can be seen sporting a dazzling makeover highlighting her gaze with an intense black outline balanced with fresh makeup looking very different and unrecognizable.

At the time of entering the interactive digital platforms, it is found that Belinda is criticized for her makeup on social networks, finding unpleasant and controversial comments towards the young woman’s public figure. “Too young for so many surgeries.” “It looks like a wax statue.”

Snooping in the networks

Belinda is criticized for her change of look on social networks
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“He looks older, the better blond.” “It looks like alien.” “She looks older and looks like Nodal’s mother.” “She is beautiful, but in this photo she looks like Irma Serrano with her eyes like this.” “It looks like a very fake statue.” “But what was done now ???” it reads. On many occasions, Internet users express their amazement at each of those sudden adjustments in the physical image of Belinda.

The above, putting in doubt if the singer has been involved in the world of plastic surgery. So far the young interpreter has never given a statement if any aesthetic intervention has been made, which is something that should not make her a target of criticism in every social network.

Belinda operated?

Belinda operated
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A few months ago, Belinda was seen at the delivery of the Billboard Latin Music Awards accompanying Nodal. After a while the couple reappeared on cameras before an alleged breakup. The young interpreter stole all the attention and looks by wearing a glamorous dress with transparencies.

With this dress, her outlined figure stood out. However, there he was also a target of criticism since it denoted a supposed change in his face. Instagram was the social network in which the great change of Belinda was shown, in this way it was as the stylist Javier Díaz in his personal account uploaded several photos showing off the great work he did for the interpreter.

The singer has made great impressions

Belinda cauda impression
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In addition to appearing with her brown hair and an intense black outline, Belinda once again manages to look stunning with a beige dress, she replicated these images in her Instagram stories. “What did that woman do to her face?” “I don’t know why she reminded me of Ninel Conde,” they commented.

“The lady who happened to her already looks great.” “By God it looks less like her,” expressed several of the users at that time on social networks for the change in look of Belinda. Women are in the crosshairs, receiving criticism of how they should or should not look, especially famous ones.

Javier Díaz shows off Belinda’s look on his social networks

Javier Díaz shows off Belinda's look on his social networks
Photo: Instagram

Belinda has been questioned on several occasions, however, she continues to shine and show why she is one of the most powerful women in the industry. We have found that the singer is not afraid to make changes in her life as well as in her person, and that is why she always surprises us when she brings out her most extravagant side despite the fact that Belinda was criticized for her look.

It may be the first time that we see Belinda with a very dark tone in her hair like that dramatic outline that enhances her look, without a doubt the interpreter is an example that changes in life are good despite the criticism. Filed Under: Belinda Social Media Look

Christian Nodal and Belinda devastated! Will they close the doors and will their careers end?

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WILL IT BE THE END OF YOUR CAREERS? They assure that several record companies have been closing their doors for Christian Nodal and Belinda, which has caused a great commotion for the interpreters because at the beginning of the year they were seen extremely happy and being one of the most popular couples in the artistic medium.

Some local media say that the singer of ‘Bottle after bottle’ would be furious with Universal Music and wishes to withdraw from said record company as quickly as possible, although it is known that they have been negotiating and there is no agreement that the singer wanted to accept. The problem has increased, to a level where Belinda could be one of the most affected due to her recent involvement with the Mexican singer.


Photo: Twitter

According to El Universal, Belinda and Nodal are not having a good end of the year and it seems that they have more problems that would jeopardize their careers in the world of music. Everything indicates that Christian Nodal, has not been able to reach a good agreement with his record house and not seeing a prompt solution, the singer could face a legal dispute.

The interpreter of ‘From the kisses that I gave you’ seems to want to free himself from the conflict he has with Universal Music. The tension that exists could have increased when the Mexican Association of Producers of Phonograms and Videograms, sent a serious letter to all platforms and record companies, mentioning that ‘no one should produce, broadcast and cooperate’ with the singer.

Nodal Belinda banned: What happened to Nodal?

Nodal Belinda banned: What happened to Nodal?
Photo: Twitter

Christian Nodal, on different occasions has expressed his discomfort before Universal Music and through tweets hinted at the bad relationship that exists at the moment. El Universal mentions that the Mexican had already mentioned that he was in a ‘toxic relationship’ with the label that was producing it and that he made music for the heart, not for the sales it generated.

“I make music for the heart, not for numbers or fashions.” But, days later he wrote: “Don’t tell me to put nitro to get music that for my part is all ready from uuuuuhhh. You have to tell the record company to put the batteries “, which would indicate the bad relationship with the company. Filed Under: Nodal Belinda Banned

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