The Youth Takeover: Chino Pacas and Peso Pluma’s Battle for the Future of Corridos Tumbados

Experience the future of corridos tumbados with Chino Pacas, the rising star poised to dethrone Peso Pluma and take the music world by storm.

Chino Pacas, also known as Chinito Pacas, only 16 years old, is the one many are betting on to unseat Peso Pluma. Through TikTok, as a lucky shot, Chino Pacas uploaded a song to see the people’s response, but he never imagined that his first hit would come out of it.

Surely you have heard “El Gordo trae el mando” because it is the song that Cristian Humberto Avila Ortega, as is the name of Chino Pacas, managed to position alongside world-class singers.

And if it doesn’t ring a bell, here’s the most famous verse on TikTok.

“And all along the boulevard, with my compa Flaco rolling up my sleeves

A pair of huaraches, my cap on the side, down Zapata, el Gordo brings the controller

Throwing line with Manny and el Caña, a la orden pa’l desorden conectado”.

“El gordo trae el mando”.

Who is Chino Pacas? He is already seen as the successor of Peso Pluma in the corridos tumbados.

If Peso Pluma – 23 years old – has managed to attract attention because of his young age and the success he has obtained. The same goes for Chino Pacas.

Although Chino Pacas is just starting in the music industry, he is already backed by the success of Fuerza Regida. He promises to be one of the greats in corridos tumbados, although he defines his style as corrido urbano.

Chino Pacas is Mexican, as he was born in Apaseo El Alto, Guanajuato, but at 12, he moved to the United States with his mother, “following the (American) dream.”

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Chino Pacas, corrido singer ( TikTok/ chinito_pacass / Taken from video)

Chino Pacas worked in the construction field in Tampa, Florida, but previously in his native colonia in Mexico, he was part of the church choir.

Chino Pacas says that when he saw Natanael Cano, he liked his music and realized that this style was accepted, so he decided to experiment.

The singer of corridos tumbados wrote fifteen songs, and through TikTok -without a manager, representative, or record label- he uploaded “a random.”

There, “El Gordo trae el mando” hit as his first big song and the only one he uploaded to TikTok.

“No more randomly, carnal, and it came out and it’s the one that the razita likes”.

Chino Pacas, singer.

Chino Pacas has two years of dedicating himself to the corridos tumbados one hundred percent and four years playing the guitar.

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Chino Pacas, corrido singer (@chinitopacasmusic / Instagram).

Ni Peso Pluma: Chino Pacas hit with his first corrido tumbado, and the vocalist of Fuerza Regida signed it.

Chino Pacas said that “El Gordo trae el mando” was the first corrido he uploaded to the internet, which hit him. Thanks to this, the vocalist of Fuerza Regida sought him out and signed him to his label.

It all happened very quickly. Chino Pacas’ hit was uploaded to TikTok “without a video or anything, just like that,” but Jesus Ortiz – 25 years old – spotted talent and sought him out.

“He had already messaged me on Instagram, but I hadn’t seen, he was also dialing me on the phone, until I saw my messages and I had him saying -answer me I’m calling you.”

Chino Pacas, singer.

After the success of “El Gordo trae el mando,” Chino Pacas signed with Street Mob, the record label run by Jesús Ortiz of Fuerza Regida, and sometime later, the official video of his hit was released.

As of today -May 3rd-the video has 44M views on YouTube; a month ago, it was among the most popular.

After that, still under the Street Mob label, Chino Pacas released the following:

  • Los Verdes
  • Dijeron que no lo iba a lograr
  • Negro como la pantera

Likewise, Chino Pacas has compositions for sale, and in TikTok, he promotes “custom corridos.”

Due to the talent that Fuerza Regida saw in the young composer and singer, he has taken him to open several of his concerts. He is always accompanied by his brother Diego, who also plays guitar.

Chino Pacas regularly shares content in Los Angeles and various places in the United States since he lives in Tampa, Florida.

And although Peso Pluma is the most popular at the moment, Chino Pacas recognizes that his idol and inspiration is Natanael Cano, the same singer who already places him.

“It would be great to sing a song with Nata”.

Chino Paca, singer.

Among other hobbies of Chino Pacas are soccer and “smoking pot.”

It is worth mentioning that Billboard magazine ranked Chino Pacas as one of the next influential regional Mexican singers in the United States.

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Chino Pacas, corridos singer ( TikTok / @chinito_pacass / Taken from video)