There are already 131 confirmed cases of monkeypox worldwide

According to information released by the World Health Organization (WHO)the number of confirmed cases of the monkey pox it is 131 in non-endemic countries. It was indicated that most of the nations in which these incidences have been detected are from Europe.

In this sense, it was specified that Spain It is the country in which the largest number of people infected with this disease is currently registered, with 40 cases. They are followed by Portugal, with 37 and the United Kingdom, with 20 incidents.

Despite the increase in infections, in recent days the WHO reiterated that a massive vaccination campaign against monkeypox is not necessary, since experts from this organization pointed out that hygiene measures and safe sexual behavior are enough to control this outbreak.

Suspected cases of monkeypox detected

Spain is the country with the most cases detected The WHO considers that a vaccination campaign is not necessary

In this sense, the WHO revealed that there are 106 suspected cases of monkeypox. Again, it highlights that most of these incidences are found in European countries. Most of these possible infections were detected in Spain, with 51; in Canada, with 17, and in Italy, with 15.

Previously, AmericanPost.News reported that Belgium became the first country in the world to declare a mandatory quarantine for those infected with this disease. This confinement consists of monkeypox cases being isolated for 21 days.

The expert from the WHO smallpox department, Rosamund Lewis explained that for now the sources of infection are small, since the main route of transmission is close contact, so the risk to the general population is low. She mentioned that it is the first time that such a widespread outbreak of this endemic disease of Africa.

They ask not to discriminate for monkeypox

The WHO considers that a vaccination campaign is not necessary

It should be noted that, in recent days, the WHO stressed that monkeypox “is not a gay disease”, so this sector of the population should not be discriminated against, since the disease is not exclusive to this community.

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