There are already 15 qualified for the Qatar 2022 World Cup: this is how the Qualifiers of all the confederations go

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At Qatar World Cup 2022 will be the last time the world will see 32 teams for disputing the highest throne of football. There is still a long way to go to know all the classifieds, but there are already 15 who bought their tickets to the appointment with the South Korean classification.

Since 1986, 36 years ago, five teams have qualified for the next 10 World Cups in a row and one of those is South Korea. Commanded by striker Heung-Min Son, they secured their ticket alongside Iran in Group A of the AFC Qualifiers.

On their way to the Qatar 2022 World Cup, they have collected 20 points after winning six games and drawing two, with two games to go. They scored 11 goals and conceded two, and sealed their pass with a 0-2 win against Syria on Tuesday, February 1.

Their best World Cup performance was in 2002, which they co-hosted with Japan. There they finished in fourth place after losing to Turkey in the duel for third place.

The 15 qualified for the Qatar 2022 World Cup

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How are the other Qualifiers going?

Asia (AFC)

Group B is already resolved with the qualifications of Iran and South Korea. Group A remains to be defined, with Saudi Arabia leading with 19 and Japan in the second with 18. However, Australia puts pressure on them with 15 units in the third, with two games to go.

In case the tables end as they go, the United Arab Emirates and Australia would play a single duel to define a quota for the playoff that will be played in March, but without a defined date. The winner of that match between the two best third parties will go to play in June the playoff against the fifth team of the Conmebol Qualifiers.

Europe (UEFA)

In the Old Continent, the three playoff quotas have yet to be defined, which for this opportunity changed its format. Now there are 12 teams framed in six keys, which will then be reduced to three pairings and the winner of each one will enter the World Cup.

The teams are: Scotland, Ukraine, Wales, Austria, Russia, Poland, Sweden, Czech Republic, Italy, North Macedonia, Portugal and Turkey.

Highlights a possible direct elimination between Portugal and Italy, one of the two will be left out.

Africa (CAF)

On the African continent, the 10 teams that will play the final round of classification are already known. They are direct keys with round-trip matches on March 24 and 29. The winner of each pairing will enter the World Cup.

Egypt vs. Senegal, Cameroon vs. Algeria, Nigeria vs. Ghana, DR Congo vs. Morocco and Mali vs. Tunisia. That is to say, the companions and friends of Liverpool Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mané will dispute the quota hand in hand.

Oceania (OFC)

The pandemic decreed in the world by the Covid-19 virus caused the confederation of that area to delay the qualifiers until March, which will be held in Qatar from the 17th to the 30th of that month. There it will be played for a place in the playoffs, there is no direct classification.

In Group A are: Solomon Islands, Tahiti, Vanuatu, Cook Islands.

In Group B is: New Zealand, New Celedonia, Fiji and Papua New Guinea.

The first of A goes against the second of B and the second of A against the second of B in the semifinals that will be played on March 27. The winners will play the final on March 30.

Whoever gets the ticket will play the playoff against the Concacaf fourth place between June 13 and 14.

America (Concacaf)

There are still three days left to decide the classifieds. Nothing is decided, but Canada, the United States and Mexico are on track in their classification. Panama and Costa Rica are fighting very closely for third place and the playoffs.

You can have all the details of this area by clicking on this link.

America (Conmebol)

Brazil and Argentina are the only qualified teams and they don’t slow down, they keep winning their games to arrive inspired to the World Cup. Ecuador, Uruguay and Peru are the three teams that follow closely.

Chile and Colombia are further behind, but with real options to get into the classification with two days to go. Click this link to find out how the table goes.

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