These are some of the celebrities who have shown solidarity with Raphy Pina

Natti Natasha and Raphy Pina, parents of Vida Isabelle

Photo: Rodrigo Varela/Getty Images

After learning of the 41-month prison sentence that Raphy Pina must serve for illegal possession of weapons, and before turning himself in to the authorities, the music industry businessman made some posts on Instagram, a social network in which he was characterized as being very active. The Puerto Rican must add to his prison term 3 years and 5 more months on supervised release and a fine of $150,000 dollars.

Through this digital platform, thousands of people have expressed their support for the businessman and current partner of Natti Natasha, with whom he has his youngest daughter, Vida Isabelle. Among all those messages of support that the Puerto Rican has received, those of various personalities from the Latin music and entertainment industry stand out.

“I love you so much! See you soon. Thank you for his prayers, ”Pina wrote to accompany an image of her smiling face.. These are some of the words that celebrities left Pina before he turned himself in to the authorities to begin serving his sentence:

Alex Sensation: Strength my king God bless you you already know that here we are waiting for you and yours

Francisca: See you soon @raphypina. Strength

Ken-y: Strength bro.

Julian Gil: Firm brooooo firm

Yandel: Here we are for what you need!

J Quiles: Pinaaaaa we see you 🔜

Papa G (Karol’s father): Strength Champion, God take care of you and help you overcome this bad moment soon.

Natalie Rivera: See you soon Ralph. Sign, God is with you @raphypina

Daniel Duran: corduroy strength!

One of the messages of support that was not lacking was that of his friend Daddy Yankee, who also accompanied him to the court where he received his sentence. “There are people who are free but live in jail and there are people who are in jail but are free. It’s all a matter of mentality as I told you. This is just a learning moment. We go forward and forward 24/7 with wisdom and meekness”, wrote Daddy Yankee by sharing a photograph in which she poses with Pina and Vida Isabelle, on what was the little girl’s first birthday.

In the last publication that the Puerto Rican made before surrendering to the authorities, his entire family is observed on Vida Isabelle’s first birthday, which took place this weekend.

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