These are the 7 most popular snacks in the United States

On any visit to the grocery store it is quite obvious to realize the growing offer of sandwiches and snacks, the reality is that supermarket shelves are saturated with an absurd amount of different alternatives that cater to the most demanding and exotic tastes. So the succulent variety makes it difficult to choose, however there are some snacks that over the years people continue to buy over and over again, until they become classics favorites. Based on a selection of “America’s Most Popular Food and Snack Brands”, which uses data collected in more than 7,000 interviews by world public opinion and the data company YouGov: These are the 7 most popular snacks of 2021 in the United States What is your favorite?

1. M & M’s

Without a doubt the crown was taken by the exquisite variants of M & M’s, it is not surprising that these irresistible chocolates top the list as the most popular snack in America. According to the survey, iconic variants such as its version with peanuts, minis and special editions, are always the ones that the public pampers. The reality is that they are perfect, ideal to kill the craving and enjoy one by one, in addition to their vibrant colors will always make them more attractive.

2. Hershey

It seems that chocolate sandwiches are the darlings of the American public, above the salty alternatives. And evidently, as expected, Hershey ranks second on the list, with special emphasis on its Hershey’s chocolate bars and Hershey’s Kisses, these products earned entries on the list of the YouGov’s top five snack brands. Finally, is there a more classic and nostalgic chocolate than the Hersheys bar? And of course, kisses are the perfect treat for any occasion. The problem? its size makes it impossible to eat just one Nobody says no to this sweet treat!

3. Reese’s

Probably one of the most irresistible cravings and yes … guilty, are Reese’s chocolates. Its flavor, consistency and peculiar salty touch make them simply delicious. What’s more, they are the perfect sweet treat for peanut butter lovers, which in combination with chocolate is simply a hard combo to beat. Best of all, they come in not-so-exaggerated portions and it’s easy to indulge yourself without overdoing it, although the reality is that it’s quite a difficult task to eat just one.

4. Oreo Cookies

The reality is that Oreo cookies do not need any presentation and it is clear that they would be within the first 5 places on the list. Without a doubt, these earthly delights, smeared with succulent cream, are probably one of the most satisfying foods to dip in a glass of cold milk. They are the favorite sweet snack of many, not only in the United States, worldwide! This classic of classics, has been on the shelves since 1912, and in 2016, not in vain the product amassed more than $ 2 billion in global annual revenue, the most of any cookie company that year.

5. Pillsbury

We all know that Pillsbury is a manufacturer of numerous iconic baking products, not for nothing is the brand that dominates the markets of boxed mixes and chilled cookie dough. In fact, all their products shine for being delicious and incredible options, specifically their emblematic and exquisite cookie doughs are ranked very worthily in the fifth place on the list.

6. Ritz

Up to sixth place on the top 10 list, we found a savory snack and nothing better than Ritz crackers. They are probably the most spoiled cookies and the reason is simple, they are delicious, incredibly crunchy and currently handle all kinds of succulent varieties like their iconic peanut butter version and cheese-filled versions. Ritz biscuits are a classic and will never disappoint, plus they have the perfect amount of salt and a wonderful touch of butter that makes them go well with anything.

7. Doritos

Another salty classic and one of the most irresistible snacks of all time, which without a doubt is the perfect snack are the Doritos. While it’s undeniable to say that nacho cheese-flavored Original Doritos are delicious in their own right; The brand never ceases to amaze us and they have created all kinds of succulent variants that it is simply impossible not to risk trying. Of course, some flavor alternatives have been created for the brave as they can be quite spicy, perfect for lovers of the extreme!

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