These are the best suspense series to watch on Apple TV +

If you are a big fan of suspense series that borders on drama and horror, this list is probably for you. This is what the streaming platform Apple TV offers in its catalog.

This also shows that they may be able to oppose its rivals, Netflix, HBO, and Amazon Prime Video.

In addition to being broadcast exclusively on the Apple platform, they are some of the most innovative stories and have come up with another perception of human nature and society. Stay with American Post News to find out what they are.

Defending Jacob

This miniseries shows the story of a lawyer played by Chris Evans, who will have to make very complicated decisions because he must defend his son, who turns out to be the only suspect in the murder of a classmate.

So he and his wife will have to test their limits to save the being they love most in life.


This is a series from Great Britain that narrates the terrible moments that a mother suffers when the alleged culprits of the kidnapping of her son are caught, but they might not be responsible. While they find out if they are guilty or not, her son is still missing and in danger.


This series borders on fantasy horror and will challenge your sanity as it tells the story of a couple who hire a nanny to take care of their baby, only it turns out to be a doll. Soon the young woman will enter into doubt, and she might stop identifying if she is a real baby or not.


This could be one of the most innovative series on the list, as the story is told mostly through phone calls, so it doesn’t have much visual content. However, this way, you will discover how several people face the end of the world, the apocalypse.


The Apple TV platform with this story tells us the case of a young woman who goes through a terrible episode of amnesia after a blow to the head, and apparently, only her husband knows what happened to her. However, she begins to suspect something more behind her supposed accident and the man who sleeps next to her.

If none of the above options convinces you, we recommend this dystopian thriller, Severance.