These are the easiest Guinness Records that even you can try … or not

These are the easiest Guinness Records that even you can try … or not

Some Guinness records can be achieved from home.

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Few people around the world have been able to belong to the Guinness Book of Record. For many it represents a gigantic challenge to be the first in something in the whole planet. However, a large budget or a risk to limb will not always be necessary. With simple things and even, from the comfort of home, you can get a brand.

So that someone ordinary can get a record, You must have physical, mental strength or simply creativity could be enough. This combination of skills was used by different people and they have been able to inscribe their names in the prestigious book of records.

1. More shirts put on in 60 seconds

Just a minute can separate the fact of being a simple stranger from appearing in the Guinness Book of Records. This can happen if brands like David Rush are beaten, holder of 150 records and living example that with creativity and simplicity you can reach greatness.

With the help of his wife Jennifer, he managed to put on a total of 35 shirts in one minute in February 2021, the most recent achievement on the list.

2. More prepared pancakes

For those who wish to obtain the Guinness certificate from a culinary point of view, Ross McCurdy will represent a real challenge. The American can boast the record for having made the most pancakes in one hour.

This brand that has been held since 2013 was catapulted by having made 1,092 pancakes in that short space of time.

Ross McCurdy
Ross McCurdy World Record

3. Fastest single bed fixed

The longest record on the list dates from 1993. Two nurses broke the mark of making a bed in the shortest time, using only 14 seconds to achieve the task, reported BBC Mundo. Although it may sound simple, it has been in force for 27 years.

4. More hot dogs and hamburgers eaten in less time

Lovers of excess junk food who want to make a global mark should follow the example of Japanese Takeru Kobayashi, who since 2001 holds the record of having eaten 50 hot dogs in 12 minutes and five years later, in 2016, managed to ingest 97 small burgers in just 8 minutes.

5. Toilet paper tower on the head

Another record set by Rush dates from August 2020, when it was set 101 toilet paper rolls that lasted 36 seconds on his head, and after the feat, the subsequent celebration.

Is it so difficult to get a brand?

As David Rush has done dozens of times, insistence, concentration and discipline are necessary to break simple records, but with those that should shine the best part of each one.

On the other hand, the necessary precautions must be taken so that it is a fun experience and that it does not end in accidents or bad times.

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