These are the luxuries of Pepe Aguilar and his family thanks to his millionaire fortune

One of the representatives of the Mexican regional genre in the world is Pepe Aguilar and his family, since the Aguilar dynasty has been dedicated to this for a long time.

The dynasty that began with the patriarch Anthonio Aguilar and Flor Silvester, two icons of vernacular music, has managed to carve out a niche and continue the legacy of these two legends, so it is no secret that they have managed to amass a great fortune.

Despite her family’s great fame and fortune, Ángela Aguilar only makes a peculiar request to sing in her shows, information that we have brought for you on American Post News.

These are the luxuries that the Aguilar Dynasty gives itself

Pepe Aguilar has been able to diversify his businesses to generate more profits

As part of the promotion of his tour, Jaripeo Sin Fronteras, Pepe Aguilar traveled to Nashville alongside Angela and Leonard, who stayed at the most luxurious hotel in the city.

Because of this, Pepe was questioned about how he pays, so he had no choice but to answer. The singer replied that thanks to his work, he can give himself that kind of luxury.

“I have been told in English the phrase ‘work hard and play harder’. And when we can we give the changa very hard. I spend money on this,” affirmed Pepe.

In addition, Pepe affirmed that he is a good father because he said, “I don’t spend on women, I don’t spend on drugs, I don’t spend on gambling. I spend nothing but myself: hotels, food, family.” So he surprised the entertainment news media because celebrities are not usually honest or reveal that information.

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According to Celebrity Net Worth, a portal dedicated to estimating the fortunes of celebrities, all the years of Pepe Aguilar’s work add up to 10 million dollars.

And it should be noted that the music industry is not the only one in which Pepe earns money since he is also the heir to one of the most important dynasties in Mexico, so he understood this and began to diversify.

Pepe owns many properties and has the rights to several famous songs of the ranchero genre.

In his possession, he has many jewels, inherited and acquired as well. Besides, he also has cattle and agricultural businesses because not many know that the most valued thoroughbred horses in the north of the country are produced on his ranch.

It should be noted that the Aguilars are so sought after that they have the luxury of charging millions for their concerts since their talent and quality are backed up. A few years ago, it was said that Pepe Aguilar charged around 3 million pesos for a private concert, although this also includes the payment of the production of her event, likewise according to news portals, Angela would charge almost 75 thousand dollars for a concert and in case of having both the figure amounts to 250 thousand dollars.