These are the most iconic tattoos that Cazzu has done

Cazzu is gaining more and more fame in her career as a reggaetonera and also all the media and the public have just set their sights on her after announcing that she is the new girlfriend of Christian Nodal.

In the middle of this Cazzu It has also attracted attention for its unique and exotic style that borders on gothic, grunge and urban. But not only in the matter of clothing or her make up, she has also done it for her iconic tattoos.

As can be seen in the photos, the singer has a wide variety of tattoos that are of different designs and styles but are very attractive to the eye. These also enchant all her followers. In AmericanPost.News we will show you the most iconic.

These are the tattoos that most represent Cazzu

Spider and Hello Kitty tattoo by Cazzu. Some of Cazzu Cazzu’s anime tattoos and her ex-boyfriend.

One of the most outstanding tattoos of the singer Cazzu It is that of a black spider that is below one of her clavicles, this is already becoming a representative symbol of the singer that all her admirers know and even works as an identifier.

Also, among the wide variety of gothic tattoos, it is surprising that the singer has chosen to get a Hello Kitty tattoo that she wears on one of her arms, almost at shoulder height. But this does have something to do with her, since she is a big fan of Japanese culture and anime.

Some of Cazzu Cazzu and her ex-boyfriend’s anime tattoos.

For this reason, Cazzu he also sports two other anime tattoos. The second is of an anime-style animated face that looks on its abdomen and is one of the largest. The third is on the bottom of his forearm and is a character from the anime “Saint Seiya” named Shun.

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How many boyfriends has Cazzu had?

Cazzu and her ex-boyfriend.

The famous Cazzu revealed that although one might think otherwise, she has not had as many boyfriends as could be identified. Her first boyfriend was Manuel Campos apart from Nodal, about it, the singer recently told how they started their romance.

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